6 Easy fix for slow internet data connection

6 Easy fix for slow internet data connection

Having a slow network connections means slow work and boring browsing experience but there are a few things you can do to fix it,. However, we all know that most times the cause...

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MTN data share services

MTN Data Share services (Complete Guide)

MTN allows its customers to buy and share their data plans conveniently. No matter who you are or what you do, MTN has something suitable and affordable for you. You can share your...

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Cheapest data on MTN, cheapest data on Airtel, 20121 sme data plans and subscription

Cheapest data plan on MTN, Airtel SME Data 2021 Reloaded

In today's post, we are going to discuss the cheapest data plan on mtn and as well as the cheapest data plan on Airtel mobile network. I also offer some affordable data o...

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Code to check Glo Number

New Code to check Glo Number on your phone (2021 Updated)

Have you forgotten your Glo number and can't remember it any more? I am going to help you right now because I have the answer to your question. However, the code we usually...

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MTN XtraValue, XtraTalk and XtraData tariff plan

MTN XtraValue tariff plan code and benefits

MTN XtraValue Tariff Plan offers special voice call credit and data bonuses to all MTN subscribers who choose the XtraValue as their tariff plan. I am going to share the code you can...

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Code for MTN Night Plan (Pulse Nightlife bundle)

In today's post, I am going to show you the code for MTN night plan which is more affordable than any other regular data plans. As the name suggests, you must be ready...

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mtn youtube plan

MTN Youtube plans & Night Bonuses

MTN YouTube plans & Night Bonuses gives you the access you need to watch all your favorite videos of any type on your smartphones or tablet as long as you have MTN SIM...

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how to migrate to Glo yakata tariff plan

How to migrate to GLO yakata for Cheap data plan

Anyone looking for how to migrate to Glo yakata tariff plan is obviously looking for a cheap data offer from Glo mobile network. The best and easiest way to get cheap data is...

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How to check MTN data balance

How to check MTN data balance using a shortcode

This post is mainly for MTN subscribers who are looking for How to check MTN data balance on their phone. If you have subscribed to any of the MTN data plans but still...

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MTN Cheapest data plans 2021

MTN Cheapest Data Plan 2021 Sub Codes

We are going to check out the current MTN Cheapest Data Plan in 2021 and how to subscribe to any of the plans by providing the subscription codes. Firstly, I will like to...

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How to check Glo data balance with shortcode

How to Check Glo Data Balance with Shortcode

Checking Glo data balance is as simple as ABCD but it's okay if you don't know it or can't remember it anymore. I am going to help you learn how to check Glo...

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MTN SME data plans and subscription codes

MTN Official SME Data Plans and Subscription codes

MTN Nigeria has designed a data package to cater for small to mid-size enterprises, sharable data plans that can be shared among MTN users. It's also a prepaid service that allows business owners to purchase and exchange data packages with their employees. This service is designed specifically...

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Glo Bumpa Code subscription and benefits

Glo Bumpa Subscription Code and Benefits

Are you looking for Glo bumpa Subscription code and as well interested to know the benefits of this tariff plan? Let me start with this question, What is Glo bumpa and how does...

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Spectranet data bundle plans and prices in Nigeria

Spectranet 4G data bundle plans & Prices

Spectranet 4G offers daily, weekends and monthly data bundle plans with unlimited night and morning browsing at an affordable rate. In other words, Spectranet is one of the popular internet data service providers...

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