MTN Lumos Grid Charger for Eco & Prime solar system

Good news to all the MTN Lumos Eco and Prime solar users, Lumos recently introduced a grid charger for their Eco & Prime solar system, this simply means that you can now charge your MTN Lumos solar with NEPA/PHCN and as well with sunlight, Interesting right?

MTN Lumos Grid Charger for Eco & Prime solar system

I was so happy when I saw the new MTN Lumos grid charger that enables the users to charge the solar system with NEPA/PHCN and sunlight too. Initially, one of the shortcomings of MTN Lumos or Yello box as you may call it is that it cant be charged with NEPA but only from the sun with the help of solar panels. I use the word NEPA and PHCN because many of you might not be familiar with the word Grid but I will explain that for you.

What is the meaning of grid electricity?

An electrical grid, also known as an energy grid or power grid, is a network of interconnected power lines that transport electricity from distributors to consumers. It is made up of generating stations that generate electricity. Stepping electrical voltage up for transmission or down for delivery in electrical substations

So in Nigeria, our grid electricity is generally tagged NEPA (National Electric Power Authority) or PHCN (Power Holding Company of Nigeria). I am sure you now understand what the word grid means, at least you know know what this post is all about.

The MTN Lumos solar system popularly known as MTN Yellow box can now be charged with NEPA and as well as with solar panels that generate energy from the sun. If you have MTN Lumos solar system then it’s time to upgrade and increase the fun by buying the charger that will ensure constant electricity in your home and offices.

It doesn’t matter whether there whether the sun is shining or not as long as Nepa gives you a light for a few hours you are good to go.

Why MTN Lumos Grid Charger is a must for all users

It might interest you to know that I am one of the MTN Lumos solar users, and I can proudly tell you that I know everything about it. I got mine back in 2017, I was among the first people the got the solar system so I know how important MTN Lumos Grid Charger is to every user.

Initially, for you to enjoy MTN Lumos solar there must be sunlight but not anymore because you can now charge it with NEPA and as well with Sun and that’s the major benefits. Having different options means steady electricity for your and was the main purpose of buying the MTN Lumos solar.

Don’t limit the potentials of the Lumos solar system by sticking with solar charging alone, go for the charger so that you can easily charge and switch to your Lumos solar when NEPA takes light.

In case you are interested to buy MTN Lumos but wish to know more about it, kindly read MTN Lumos Solar Price on Jumia

How MTN Lumos Grid Charger works

You can now connect the Lumos Charger to your Lumos System if you have access to the electricity grid but want to benefit from low-cost energy and reliable service. Lumos ensures you get all you need to enjoy your solar system, just a few months ago, they introduced the 85W Converter you can as well check out the 150W AC Inverter that works with Lumos solar system.

A few hours of grid availability will recharge your Lumos battery and extend the time you can use your Lumos Yellow Box, particularly in the evening. Lumos provided a step-by-step on how to use the solar charger below.

Step 1:

Remove the long solar cable from the Lumos Box and connect it to the SUN icon on the Charger.

How to set MTN Lumos solar charger

Step 2:

Connect your Lumos Box to the cable that comes from the LUMOS icon (on the charger).

How to set Mtn lumos solar system

Step 3:

Water is an enemy to any electrical appliances so ensure that the MTN Lumos grid charger and its cables are not wet, and are not near any water.

Charge MTN lumos with NEPA

Step 4:

Plug the power cable into the Lumos Charger and into the wall electric outlet and then decide the charging mode you wish to use to charge your solar. To use solar power only, move the switch to the left (to the SUN icon)


Now, check to see if everything is properly connected the right way. Your connection must look exactly like the image below for the MTN Lumos grid charger to work.


Price of MTN Lumos Grid Charger

Now that you know everything about the MTN Lumos grid charger, you must be in a haste to know the price of the charger to see if you can afford it or not. The good news is that you can afford it, anybody who can afford to buy the MTN Lumos solar and able to pay the monthly subscriptions is capable to buy the charger.

Presently the charger is selling for N18,000, available at Jumia shopping mall, however, buying from Jumia means that you will pay a little extra for shipping to your address.

Does it work with Lumos Prime and Eco solar?

Yes, whether you are using Lumos Prime or Eco solar system you can still charge it with your regular electricity but there are something you must know, they have different charge.

Lumos Prime solar charge is called Lumos B9 Grid Charger while the Lumos Eco solar system uses the one called Lumos B7 Grid Charger

MTN Lumos grid charger

The answer to this question is YES, whether you are using Lumos Eco solar system or Prime you can charge it with this charger. I have already compared the two solar systems in case you wish to know more about them here


As said earlier, I know a lot about MTN Lumos and will answer any question you might have about this solar system and in case you don’t like the Lumos solar, you can check the best alternative to MTN Lumos solar electricity Go ahead and ask your question if there is anything that is unclear to your about MTN Lumos solar system.

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