MTN Lumos 85W Converter price & capacity.

Let me introduce to you the new MTN Lumos 85W Converter which is better than the old converter. In case you don’t know, without a converter MTN Lumos solar system will not be usable and what the solar system can power also depends on the capacity of the converter.

The 85W Power Converter converts 12V direct current (DC) to 220V Alternating current (AC) which is mostly required to power electrical appliances. This inverter is designed to convert DC 12V to the standard 220V AC. The power conversion can be widely applied to different electrical appliances.

However, Lumos specifically designed this converter for the Lumos PRIME Solar Home System to reduce your energy dependence and reduce your electricity costs.

MTN Lumos 85W Converter price in Nigeria
MTN Lumos 85W Converter

I have been using MTN Lumos since 2017 and I do know more about the solar system though, I have never used this new Lumos 85W Converter but I have used different converters since I bought the yellow box.

When I first got the MTN Lumos, it came with a low-quality 75W converter that got burnt in less than 2 months of use and when I reported to MTN for a replacement I was told that there was no converter at the moment which pushed me to search for an alternative converter but am happy to find this 150W DC to AC converter which I am still using till date.

Presently, the official MTN Lumos converter for their ECO solar home system is 60W which is not able to power my 32 Inches LED TV while the 150W DC to AC converter I got from Jumia powers the television, strong receiver and other appliances.

We already know that the partnership between MTN and Lumos somehow ended last year 2020 which gave Lumos the privilege to market and sell their solar products on Jumia without any form of interference from MTN.

I was checking the current Lumos solar price when I stumbled on this Lumos 85W Converter or inverter as you may call it. The new converter is unique and stronger compared to the inverter that came with Lumos ECO solar home system.

Why you need the new MTN Lumos 85W Converter

MTN Lumos solar inverter price in Nigeria

Anyone using the MTN Lumos solar needs this converter which enables the solar to carry more loads than the 60Watts inverter that MTN gives. With this solar, you will be able to power an LED TV and a decoder comfortably but with the MTN 60Watts, you won’t be able to power such appliances without getting it burnt.

I have the feeling that this Lumos 85W Converter can match the 150W DC to AC converter because it’s originally designed and made by Lumos itself using the best quality hardwares. the converter is built for durability and power. In as much as this converter is made for Lumos PRIME Solar Home System, it can as well be able to work on the Lumos ECO–Solar Home System since I was able to use 150Watts converter with it.

Key Features of Lumos 85W Converter

  • 85W Power Inverter
  • Converts 12V DC power from a Lumos PRIME solar home system to 220V AC power.
  • Built-in fan keeps the temperature low
  • Full protection features and Auto-shutdown keep your appliance from the damage of overheating.

For those using MTN solar system paying monthly subscription, MTN are the one to provide the inverter for you when you own got burnt but the issue is that you will never get a good inverter with high capacity from MTN, what they can give is a 60watts converter which cannot be able to power something like TVs without getting burnt in less than 2 months

Lumos 85W Converter Price

The Lumos 85W Converter is going for N9,000 and available on Jumia Nigeria. Obviously, the 85 DC to AC converter is a bit expensive compared to this 150W DC to AC converter which I am currently using. However, you can order for Lumos solar product and services right from Jumia. You can check Best Alternative to MTN Lumos Solar Electricity if you wish to stay clear from MTN Lumos.

Lumos 60W Power Converter Price

MTN Lumos 60watts inverterprice inNigeria
MTN Lumos 60watts Inverter

In case you are looking for Lumos 60W Power Converter DC 12V To AC 220V, you can as well get it from Jumia at the rate of N7,500. It’s even more expensive than the 150W DC to AC converter, I have used both of them and I don’t see any reason why anyone should buy a 60watts inverter such amount while a 150watts cost between N5,000 to N6,500. Find out more about Lumos product and services here

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