MTN partnered with Lumos to bring to you 24 hours of an alternative power supply and it’s officially called MTN Lumos solar Mobile electricity. If you are planning to buy it then you might wish to know a few things about the MTN Solar before going for it.

The MTN solar mobile electricity can be used in your shops, offices or at home as an alternative when there are power outages.

mtn solar energy

I have been using the MTN mobile electricity for more than 24 months (2 Years plus) now and I will like to share my experience with you since you are still contemplating on whether to buy it or not.

Why is it called Mobile electricity?

Well, you might be asking yourself this question but the reason is that the solar system is being controlled by MTN Just like mobile phones that you have to recharge to use.

All the payments and subscriptions will be made through your MTN sim card. though, it doesn’t require MTN network to work. You need the network to be able to pay for the monthly or yearly subscriptions.

What appliances can the MTN solar Mobile electricity handle?

As a user people often contact me asking me about the capabilities of the MTN solar system. What type of electrical appliances can it handle but truthfully, MTN mobile solar electricity is not meant for everyone because the type of appliances it can handle is very limited.

Below are what you can use with MTN solar mobile electricity

If you want to know more about the capabilities of the MTN Lumos and what it can carry, then see my list below because I personally use it and I know how it works. Am not writing about this for just writing purposes. I was among first people that went for it immediately MTN advertised it just to keep my Laptop on 24/7.


I bought MTN solar for my Laptop and so far it’s perfect for me because I don’t have any problem using it with my Laptop. However, it might not be able to handle 2 or more laptops at a time.

Energy saver Bulbs

According to MTN, though I have tested it myself too this system can handle up to 6 bulbs but for me, it can only be possible when you use 5 watts bulbs similar to the ones it came with but any other bulbs might no work when you use more than 3 bulbs based on my findings.

Low energy consumption LED/LCD TV’s

Yes, this solar system can power you Television if only it consumes lesser power and an example of such TV’s are those that have external power adapters or small LED Tv’s between 20 – 32 Inches, though you can try it with other bigger sizes but am not sure it can power them.

DVD, Satellite Receivers

MTN Lumos solar energy can easily power DVD’s, and satellite receivers because I have tested it and it worked perfectly without any error. If you can work with your Tv then powering your DSTV, Strong receivers or Qsat decoders will not be a problem.

Standing and Ceiling fans

MTN solar system can easily power many standing fans but I equally tested with my ceiling fan and it worked great but might not be able to work with any ceiling fan that consumes more energy.

Portable CD Players and Radio

If you have a small CD and radio in your house then be rest assured that MTN mobile solar electricity can comfortably power it without any issue.

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Apart from those electronics that I mentioned above, you can use it to charge your smartphone, touch lights etc.


The product I listed above is the list of electrical appliances that MTN mobile electricity can power. Mind you that the system doesn’t have the capability to power all of them together, I mean if you are using your laptop you might not be able to use your TV or if you are using your standing fan you might not be able to use your Laptop.

What you should not connect to MTN solar system

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