MTN Lumos Solar Price on Jumia @ ₦200,000 No subscriptions

Are you thinking of buying MTN Lumos solar and wish to know the current mtn solar price? In today post I will be sharing the price and how you can get one. The good news is that you don’t need to pay for a monthly subscription if you can afford to buy the yellow box from Lumos.

Finally, you can now buy MTN Lumos solar from Jumia Nigeria at the rate of ₦200,000 (ECO–Solar Home System) and ₦260,000 (Lumos Prime–Solar Home System) respectively. This time around we have another stronger solar system that looks similar to the MTN yellow box called Lumos Prime.

I just saw MTN Lumos solar system on Jumia a few hours after publishing best alternative to MTN Lumos Solar Electricity. I am glad that Lumos made the solar system available to the general public to decide whether to go for pay as you go or acquire it completely. If you care to know the mtn solar price and the capacity of Lumos Prime and ECO–Solar home system.

MTN Lumos price on Jumia

Initially, to get MTN Lumos solar you must visit the nearest MTN office to get one under a prepaid contract that requires you to pay for monthly usage subscription for 5 solid years before it becomes yours. According to my calculation, you will be paying a total of N260,000 – N300,000 plus within 5 years before it becomes yours.

However, that pay as you go option that cost more at the end will not be necessary if you are ready to cough out ₦200,000 or ₦260,000 for a stronger solar system that doesn’t require a monthly subscription or any form of payment.

What is Lumos

Lumos is not MTN and MTN is not Lumos, they are separate companies that partnered together to bring affordable solar power solutions in Nigeria. Lumos built and provide modern solar energy systems reducing the need for expensive gasoline generators especially in a country with an epileptic power supply like Nigeria.

MTN, on the other hand, is a South African owned mobile telecommunication provider with millions of subscribers in Nigeria alone. MTN integrated prepaid plan to the Lumos box that helps their subscribers to buy the Lumos solar system and pay installmentally. Now you know where the two words “MTN Lumos” originated from.

MTN Lumos solar Price and where to buy

Some of my readers asked me about where they can get MTN solar and the price after reading my first MTN solar review. The answer was always to visit the nearest MTN office but not anymore. You can grab it now from Jumia, the question is can you afford it or better still go for pay as you go MTN plan.

However, the normal MTN Yellow box is called ECO–Solar Home System going for ₦200,000 while the new modern Lumos Prime–Solar Home System with stronger battery and 2 solar panels is going for ₦260,000.

1. Lumos ECO–Solar Home System Features

Lumos ECO home solar system on Jumia Nigeria
Lumos Eco box

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The Lumos ECO Solar Home System includes the following features:

  • 1 IDU (Indoor Unit) with 200Wh in-built LI-ION battery
  • 1X 80W solar panel
  • 2 X Cigarette lighter sockets
  • 2 X 5V USB
  • 4 X 12V DC outlet
  • The Lumos ECO Indoor Unit weighs only 5kg and is easy to carry


When you order the Lumos ECO Home Solar System, you’ll be getting:

  • 1 IDU (Indoor Unit) with 200Wh in-built  LI-ION battery
  • 1 X 80W Solar panel
  • 1 X Charging cable
  • 2 X LED bulbs
  • 1 DC-AC Converter

2. Lumos Prime–Solar Home System

Lumos Prime home solar system price
Lumos Prime

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The Lumos Prime Solar Home System includes the following features:

  • 1 IDU (indoor unit) with 330Wh LiFePO4 in-built battery
  • 2 X 80W solar panels
  • 1 X Cigarette lighter socket
  • 2 X 5V USB Ports
  • 4 X 12V DC outlet
  • The Lumos Prime Indoor Unit weighs only 5kg and is easy to carry


When you order the Lumos Prime Home Solar System, you’ll be getting:

  • 1 IDU (indoor unit) with 330Wh LiFePO4 in-built battery
  • 2 X 80W Solar panels
  • 1 X Charging cable
  • 4 X LED bulbs
  • 1 DC-AC Converter


MTN solar installation fees

Immediately your order the Lumos solar from Jumia, a Lumos-certified installer will visit your location after your order is fulfilled by Jumia to install the solar system for you. You will have to pay the installer a fixed price of N4000 if you are in Lagos, Rivers/Bayelsa is N3000 while other states are N2000.

33 thoughts on “MTN Lumos Solar Price on Jumia @ ₦200,000 No subscriptions


    Please I need to know more about this Lumos, because I use 2 ceiling fan, plasma TV,gotv decoder,and power saver bulb,will it work for me?

    • Collins Post authorReply

      No, it will not be able to power all the appliances you just mentioned, but it can power an LED TV and decoder at the same time. but I suggest that you go for Lumos prime with me power if you can afford it.

  2. Aladelokun Bolade Reply

    Can Lumos prime power a small fridge and a standing fan at the same time?

  3. Akinola Adekunle Reply

    With mtn Lumos, there is this thought that the solar system can be tracked when stolen. This has made it not attractive to thieves. What measure guarantee this Lumos prime purchased from jumia from theft

    • Collins Post authorReply

      Thanks for your comment but Lumos has a unique custom-designed solar panel and cable, anyone who wishes to steal it must have the panel and cable or ready to reconstruct it. However, people buy smart Tvs that worth 500k plus without tracker and cars without a tracker so don’t believe that your system will be stolen from you.

      • Akinola Adekunle Reply

        The issue of smart TV and Cars are of different scenario. TV are installed in the house but the solar panel and system can be installed in shops and on the roof where the owner does not reside. This could make it susceptible to theft.

        • Collins Post authorReply

          You are right but it depends on the location of your shop meanwhile, I use my own in the shop too but I installed the panel in my house, when I need it in the shop, I will just unplug the solar and carry the solar box to the shop. I have also seen people installing it in their shop. it’s your choice any way you can go for MTN own

  4. Reuben Christopher Dauda Reply

    Lomus prime I have negotiated for one and how long the payment will last?

  5. Adaacin Reply

    Will the Lumos prime power my LG TV and my gotv decoder?, this is the specification I saw behind the LG TV
    15V – 57W / 2.7A

    • Collins Post authorReply

      The product is covered by manufacturer warranty (within 1 year of purchase)

      Please note that the warranty is for the product only, not including accessories (such as DC-AC converter)



  7. Smith Reply

    I need a lumos good enough to power samsung tv and gotv as well as laptop and phone

  8. Akinyemi Christopher Reply

    I need to urgently buy a full package of lumos prime here in Mushin area of Lagos, can I know the current price of outright sale?

  9. Prince Reply

    I live in ikorodu, I want to buy lumos prime. I was advised they stop telling it .
    Pls advised me where I one outright.

    • Collins Post authorReply

      I suggest you use that money to build a better solar system that can carry more loads than the Lumos, I use Lumos too but I would have gone for something better, If you insist you can visit the Lumos website here call the phone number to know more, their phone is 0800 444 0444

  10. Ify Reply

    I have the Lumos prime. The DC to AC converter has spoilt like 3times and it keeps becoming more difficult to get from mtn. I have seen different reviews of people going for the alternative from Jumia that is red in colour. This looks different from what I was using but I have read it can work fine and that it is stronger too. I need your advise about whether I should go for it too. I hope you respond soon. Thank you.

    • Collins Post authorReply

      I am facing the same challenges but the solution is to get yourself a new 150W to 300+ Watts converter that can last. I am doing some research and I have discovered a good converter that can work with the Lumos and as well last.

      I am going to write about it soon

      • Chy Reply

        Good evening Collins, I need a solar dat doesn’t have limited number of bulbs .. I have mtn prime presently, is it possible to get it connected to all d rooms? I mean, to be connected like u connect generator and d electricity gets supplied everywia. I know, I ll need not to put on heavy appliances and also regulate usage of bulbs …

        • Collins Post authorReply

          Yes, you can, In fact, that’s how I am using mine right now, you can use a change over to connect the whole house but be mindful of what you connect on it. However, you might need a better converter and not the one that came with the Lumos prime.

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