What you need to build Inverter & Solar system

Do you want to build sustainable and reliable energy for your business, homes and wish to know more about inverter and solar energy that will always be there for you when PHCN fails or to use it as your main power source?

It’s obvious that Nigerians are facing lots of challenges in terms of electricity and it has been going on for decades until the arrival of Inverter and solar energy system.

The main reason why every home doesn’t have a solar system is that it’s expensive to buy but the good news is that an average Nigerian can now afford an inverter or solar system because they are not as expensive as they used to be a few years ago.

Recently MTN partnered with Lumos to bring an affordable mobile solar system that requires monthly subscription to use, you can read MTN Solar Mobile Electricity Reviews, Price and how it works though, I don’t recommend going for MTN solar system if you have between 200k – 400k you can build your own solar system that you don’t need to pay monthly subscriptions.

What is the different between an inverter and solar system?

I remembered I mention two of them separately but they both fulfill the same purpose which is to draw energy from other alternative source and make it available for use.

I will briefly explain a few things you need to know about inverter and solar energy but if you really want to know more then check out this post Typical Inverter system VS Solar energy

What is an Inverter

An inverter is a piece of technical equipment which converts direct current into alternating current, an inverter can convert and install energy for future use from the main power source like PHCN with the help of Deep Cycle batteries and also from Sun with the help of solar panels..

What is a Solar System

Solar system or power is the conversion of energy from sunlight into electricity, either directly using photovoltaics, indirectly using concentrated solar power, or a combination.

To draw power from sunlight you need a solar panel, an inverter to convert the energy and battery to store the energy, solar system cannot work without an inverter but an inverter can work without solar system since it can convert other energy drawn from other sources.

What you need to build an Inverter & Solar system

I have explained everything you need to know about the solar system and inverter, its time to list and explain more about the materials you need to build a sustainable and reliable solar system or typical inverter that has nothing to do with solar panels.

An Inverter

Inverters for solar system
samples of smaller inverters
solar inverter
The sample of a big capacity Inverter

An inverter is the main heart of any renewable energy from a solar system, wind energy, and other alternative energy, its duty is to converts direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC).

An inverter does not only converts direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC) but as well regulate and distribute energy, some also have the feature to switch between different power source as required that is to say that the inverter can as well work as a changeover.

How much does an inverter cost in Nigeria

My main aim is to enlighten you on the cost of solar energy and inverters in Nigeria but the cost of an inverter depends on its capacity and brand but I will give you some examples.

2000 Watts inverter will cost between N20,000 – N60,000 depending on the quality while some bigger inverters from 1KVA to 10kva can cost between N60,000 – N300,000 and above, it all depends on what you need.

Deep Cycle Inverter batteries

An inverter is known for conversion of direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC) but needs to store the power elsewhere for future use and that is where deep cycle batteries came into play.

You need a high-quality deep cycle battery designed for inverters that can be able to store and hold energy for appropriate distribution.

Price of deep cycle batteries

You can get good 100- 200AH inverter battery between N60,000-N300,000 depending on the quality

How to use an inverter without Solar energy

Initially, I told you that a typical inverter system generates power through other sources apart from solar energy but the question is how?

You can connect an inverter to draw energy from PHCN/NEPA for future use when the light finally goes off and to achieving that you need an inverter system and good deep cycle battery.

How it works

You will connect the inverter to the right terminal circuit that enables is to draw energy from the main power source PHCN/NEPA and then use it to charge the battery and when the light goes off it automatically switches over to the energy stored on the battery and make it available for consumption.

Solar Panels

Solar panel
Solar Panel

To build a solar power system you need an inverter, deep cycle batteries and solar panels, the work of a solar panel is to generate and convert sunlight into energy while the inverter controls the input and output, the battery holds the energy that will be regulated and distributed accordingly by the inverter.


Solar panels differs from each other and price is based on their capacities and brand but you can get a good solar panel between N25,000 – N55,000 depending on what you need.


solar wires

You might need to buy other things like wires and connectors if there is any need for that if not all you need is an inverter, solar panels, and deep cycle batteries and you have all it takes to enjoy uninterrupted power supply.


Complete Solar system and cost

To make it clear for you about the cost and what you really need to build a solar power system I will show you the complete set of solar system and the current price.

complete solar system

This complete set of solar system will cost you N200,000 and it can power mini houses and rooms to an extent and you have seen what building a good solar system or simple inverter looks like.

Feel free to ask me any question if you have any and i will be glad to help you more.

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