Cheapest data plan on MTN, Airtel SME Data 2021 Reloaded

In today’s post, we are going to discuss the cheapest data plan on mtn and as well as the cheapest data plan on Airtel mobile network. I also offer some affordable data o GLO, and 9mobile and if this is something you will be interested to know then keep reading till the end.

You shouldn’t be spending much on data and if you are doing that, then stop it and follow the gurus to enjoy the cheapest data plans that they are not willing to share with you. Am sure you already know the cost of data plans offered by MTN, Airtel, Glo and 9mobile.

Cheapest data plan on MTN, Airtel SME Data 2021 Reloaded
Cheapest data plan on MTN VS Cheapest data plan on Airtel network

They are the most popular 4 mobile telecommunication network in Nigeria and if you are using any of the networks and have a smartphone you mostly use to browse, then I have good news for you today. We are in the internet world and we cant do with it and at the same time, we spent a lot of money paying for data subscriptions.

The good news is that I have the cheapest data offer for you. No need to pay more to browse or streaming videos or to download files online. This opportunity will help you to stay more and do more on the internet while reducing the cost of data. Below are the things we are going to discuss today.

  • Cheapest data plan on MTN
  • Cheapest data plan on Airtel
  • Glo cheapest data plan
  • 9mobile cheapest data plan

SME Data plan 2021 Reloaded (Cheapest data plan on MTN)

I don’t know if you have heard about SME data or not but I will explain it for you to understand, a few years ago MTN introduced a new data package called SME data plan that can be shared between one MTN customer to another and later other mobile network providers followed suit and introduced their own SME plans.

However, many people thought that MTN SME data was a scam simply because the data offer is far cheaper than the original data plan from MTN and other providers. The truth is that MTN SME data is the best option for those who want to reduce the cost of their monthly data consumption.

Why SME data is cheap?

Let me start by reminding you of the full meaning of SME. The term SME is an abbreviation that stands for Small and Medium Enterprises this will tell you that this data plan is designed for Small and Medium Enterprises and not originally for individuals but guess what?

We (SME resellers)made it possible for everybody to enjoy cheap SME data plans irrespective of your location, what you do or the type of smartphone you use. Some people will tell you that SME data don’t last this and that, it’s not true they are the same.

Why you should go for SME data plans

I am one of those people that has never stayed out of that for 2minutes for the past 5 yeast or more, though I don’t mostly use data for video streaming or downloads but as a blogger am always online 24/7 doing one thing or the other. Buying a cheap SME has helped me to pay less and browse more, unlike the regular data plans, below are the main benefits of an SME data plan.

  • Longer validity period: Some network operators will give you more data and force you to consume the data within 24 hours, 2 days or one week but such a thing doesn’t exist when using an SME plan, you either get 30 days of validity or 60 days.
  • Cheaper than regular data plans: SME data is undoubtedly cheaper because it was designed to help small and medium enterprises to grow their business
  • No restrictions: SME data plan is not the type that comes with restrictions, no one tells you when to browse and how to browse.

SME Data plan 2021 Reloaded

Today I don’t just use SME data plan to do my work, I am now a reseller/distributor and You can get 20GB for as low as 5500 and 1GB for as low as 350 with more than 30 days validity. sounds interesting right?

A few years ago I was able to register as a reseller on the MTN network to bring to you the cheapest data plan on MTN but the good news is that I have extended it to Airtel, Glo and 9Mobile. If you have any of the mobile networks I mentioned then you are at the right place at the right time.

Cheapest data plan on MTN

No more wasting of time, I will list the cheapest data plan on MTN 2021 right away, but remember this is an MTN SME data share plan and not the regular plans

1GB30 DAYSN350
2GB30 DAYSN650
3GB30 DAYSN950
5GB30 DAYSN1500
10GB30 DAYSN2900
15GB30 DAYSN4350
20GB30 DAYSN5700

I know that trust is an issue in Nigeria but you can test my service with a 1GB plan which doesn’t cost you much and if it’s real and okay by you then you buy more. A trial will convince you. However, You don’t need to fear, I own and manage this website and will never scam you for any reason.

If you want buy cheapest data give me a call via 08064660400 or click the Whatsapp button below for discussion

Cheapest data plan on Airtel

If you are not using MTN but have an Airtel Sim that you wish to use for that subscription then you are still good to go. I have something interesting for Airtel users below especial for those who are looking for the cheapest data plan on Airtel.

Airtel used to be the best for me because of their double data promo offer that enabled me to get more data for less from their platform but recently they stopped it and that is why I moved to the SME plan for airtel any time I wish to use airtel to browse. Below is the cheapest data plan for Airtel mobile network users.

750MB14 DAYSN520
1.5GB30 DAYSN1050
2GB30 DAYSN1250
3GB30 DAYSN1520
4.5GB30 DAYSN2100
6GB30 DAYSN2500
8GB30 DAYSN2980
11GB30 DAYSN4,000
15GB30 DAYSN4,950
40GB30 DAYSN99,00
75GB30 DAYSN14,900
110GB3 DAYSN19,900

Glo cheapest data plan

Glo used to be the best for me until they reduced their data plan last you but there are still some of the best mobile network providers that give more data for lesser price. You can even enjoy a cheaper data plan when you use my GLO SME data plans that will give you more data to browse, download, stream and upload files without paying more. Below are the current SME offers I have for you.

2.5GB30 DAYS N1050
4.1GB30 DAYSN1550
5.8GB30 DAYSN2000
7.7GB30 DAYSN2500
10GB30 DAYS N3000
13.25GB30 DAYSN3,900
18.25GB30 DAYS4,900
29.5GB30 DAYSN7,850
50GB30 DAYSN9,900
93GB30 DAYSN14,800
119GB30 DAYS17,800
138GB30 DAYS19,700
225GB30 DAYSN29,700
300GB30 DAYSN35,700
425GB90 DAYSN47,700
525GB90 DAYSN58,200
675GB120 DAYSN72,700
1024GB365 DAYSN97,200

9mobile cheapest data plan

I personally don’t use 9mobile that much but I know that some people still use them as their main data SIM so I still have something good for you. As you already know 9Mobile was known as Etisalat but was later soled out which brought the change of name from Etisalat to 9Mobile. However, they might not be the best when it comes to cheap data offers but their network ae stable in most locations they cover. Below are the price of my 9Mobile data plans.

500MB30 DAYSN500
1.5GB30 DAYSN1050
2GB30 DAYSN1250
3GB30 DAYSN1550
4.5GB30 DAYSN2050
11GB30 DAYSN4100
15GB30 DAYSN5100
40GB30 DAYSN9,700
75GB30 DAYSN14,800
75GB90 DAYSN24,800
165GB180 DAYSN48,800
365GB365 DAYSN98,300

Whether you are using MTN, Airtel or Glo, 9mobile you are fully covered, Looking at the list its clearly shows that MTN is the cheapest data you can get when it comes to SME data plan but others are not that’s bad either.

So lets do business call me on 08062435594 or add me to your whatsapp contacts for more discussion.

Most frequently asked Questions about SME data plans

If you are still looking for more info about this data offer, then go through the questions and answers below to get more answers to whatever question you might have.

How long does it take to receive my data?

You can receive your data instantly or within 2 minutes at most when I experience a network delay, the maximum time it should take is 2 minutes.

Must I pay before I receive my data?

Yes, you will have to pay before you can receive our data plan, as I said earlier if you are finding it difficult to trust me then you can start with 1GB of data as a trial and you will be convinced.

Do you accept Airtime transfer as a mode of payment?

Yes, I accept airtime transfer but it might cost you more than the usual price I prefer a bank transfer as it’s cheaper for you and more convenient for me but if that’s the only option you have then you are free to get on board.

How long will my data last?

Apart from the validity period specified above, your data will no longer be active when you exhaust the data allowance allocated to you.

Does have auto rollover for unused data?

Most of my data plan comes with 30 days validity or more and doesn’t support auto rollover when you couldn’t finish your data, however, you can buy yourself more time when you subscribe to another plan before the expiration date.

Will I be able to buy more data when I have not finished using the one I have?

Yes, you can subscribe for more data anytime you choose and it will be added to the one you have while the validity period increases too.

If you have more question to ask simply call more on 08064660400 or chat me on Whatsapp.

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