MTN Cheapest Data Plan 2022 Sub Codes

We are going to check out the current MTN Cheapest Data Plan in 2022 and how to subscribe to any of the plans by providing the subscription codes. Firstly, I will like to thank God or whatever you believe in for making it possible for us to be on this page because it means that we all made it into the year 2022.

MTN Cheapest Data plans 2021

When I talk about the MTN cheapest Data Plan, I am not referring to regular MTN data plans that you already know. Moreover, getting cheap data from MTN might not be new to some users but am certain that some subscribers are still struggling to get an affordable data plan from MTN.

All it takes to grab Awoof data from MTN is to know the right code to dial and that is what am going to show today. Interestingly, you can get up to 20GB of data at the rate of N3500, 2GB for N500, and 9GB for N2000, etc.

How to subscribe to the MTN Cheapest Data plans

As I said earlier, this post is not just about MTN data subscription codes and price but how you can get it cheaper. However, you cant get the same data offer when you go for regular MTN data plans.

MTN has 2 different data subscription codes *131# and *121# the number that does the magic is *121# while *131# is the main code official MTN data plan subscriptions, data share, data and airtime borrowing and lot more.

Now to subscribe to MTN Cheapest Data Plans you only need to dial *121# on your phone and not *131#. When you dial *121# you will see the following options:

  1. TopDeal4ME
  2. Recharge4ME
  3. Data4ME
  4. Combo4ME

TopDeal4ME: When you select this option you will see a special offer packaged for you by MTN, the offer differs from one user to another, what MTN offers you as a top deal might be different from what they will offer me.

Recharge4ME: In as much as you are interested in how to get MTN cheapest data plan, you might as well be interested to enjoy cheapest airtime bonuses from MTN and that’s what Recharge4ME is all about. You can get 5000 airtime credit for as low as N1000. To see what you have simply dial *121# and select option 2.

Data4ME: This option is the main reason why we are on this page and if you are here to learn how to subscriber to MTN Cheapest Data Plan then you are on the right track and this option is all you need. However, what you get depends on your usage. The available offers differ from one subscriber to the other. Below are the offers you might likely see when you select Date4ME.

  • 2GB for N500
  • 4GB for N1,200
  • 9GB for N2,000
  • 20GB for N3,500
  • 30gb for N5000

All the data plan has 30 days validity period

Combo4ME: You can call this 2 in 1 offer, it gives more data and airtime credit to browse and make calls the way you want and when you want. This option is for those who need both cheapest MTN data plan and as well cheap airtime bonuses.


  • You can get 55 minutes of calls and 300MB, cost only N400 only
  • 40 minutes for calls and 300MB to browse, cost N300 only

These are the offers available when you dial *121# on any MTN SIM but to subscribe to MTN regular data plans you can dial *131#.

Alternative method to subscribe to MTN Cheapest Data Plan

There are other ways to subscribe to MTN cheap data plans and not just by dialing *121#. MTN Nigeria introduced a mobile app tagged MyMTN App that allows all MTN subscribers to enjoy amazing offers and manage their account easily in one app.

With myMTN App you can do a lot more like checking your data and airtime balance, sharing data or airtime. you can use myMTN app to subscriber to cheap data plans, all you need is to follow these simple steps:

  • Download myMTN App from here
  • Register your line and login
  • Navigate to Mega Deal Zone, you will see some eggs to crack
  • crack the egg above data4ME to see the offer you have.

Normal or regular MTN data plans

In case you care to know the price of MTN data plans you can see it below, you can as well compare them to know why I called the one listed above MTN Cheapest Data Plan because it includes bonuses.

Daily Plan

  • N50 for 25MB
  • N100 for 75MB
  • N200 for 200MB
  • 300 for 1GB
  • 500 for 2GB

Weekly Data plan

  • N300 for 350MB
  • N500 for 750MB
  • N500 for 500MB+1000Talktime
  • 500 for 1GB
  • 1000 for 2GB
  • N1500 for 6GB

Monthly Plan

  • N1000 for1.5GB
  • N1200 for2GB
  • N1500 for 3GB
  • N2000 for 4.5GB
  • N3500 for 10GB
  • N5000 for 15GB
  • N10000 for 40GB
  • N15000 for 75GB
  • N20000 for 110GB

2 Month Data Plan

  • N20000 for 75GB
  • N30000 for 120GB

3 Month Data Plan

  • N50000 for 150GB
  • N75000 for 250GB

To subscribe to any of the mtn data plans above you can either dial *131# or visit MTN data plans, subscription codes & price.

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