How to check MTN data balance using a shortcode

This post is mainly for MTN subscribers who are looking for How to check MTN data balance on their phone. If you have subscribed to any of the MTN data plans but still struggles to check the balance, the struggle will be over from today on.

I recently published a post titled “How to Check Glo Data Balance with Shortcode” which provides a similar answer to all Glo network subscribers but today we are going to find out how to check MTN data balance.

How to check MTN data balance in 3 different ways

We have up to 3 different ways on how you can check your MTN data plan balance and that’s what I am going to share with you. However, you can check your data balance through the following methods:

  • Dialling a shortcode on your phone
  • You can check your balance by sending an SMS
  • You can check your MTN data balance using myMTN mobile App

How to check MTN data balance

To cut the long story short, I will be going straight to the point, after all it doesn’t require anything all you need to know is he right code to dial.

Checking data balance using the shortcode: This is the simplest method you can use to check your data balance. it doesn’t require a smartphone with an internet connection, any mobile phone can work. Some users that don’t know how to check their balance usually dial *131# and go through the long process but not anymore.

Simply type this code “131*4#” and send, you will see a prompt (pop-up) and a text message containing your MTN data plans and the remaining balance.

How to check MTN data balance using shortcode

Check your balance by sending an SMS: I don’t see any reason why you should stress yourself sending an SMS instead of using the above shortcode but all the same, you might prefer using this method. However, it’s one of the easiest ways to check your MTN data balance.

go to your message app. Type 2 and send it to “131“. After that, a new text message will come to your phone, showing you your current active data bundles and balances.

How to check MTN data balance using myMTN Mobile App: If you have a smartphone of any type then this method is for you. First and second methods I shard above can work on any mobile phone but this one requires a smartphone because you are going to be downloading an app called myMTN.

Once you have the app installed on your phone then you shouldn’t be looking for How to check MTN data balance because the solution is right there on your phone looking at you.

I recently published MTN Cheapest Data Plan 2021 Sub Codes where I shared more info about myMTN app and where to download the it. The app can be used to check your data balance, Airtime/credit balance and as well be used to subscribe to data plans or buy airtime.

In fact, all your account can be managed in one app called myMTN, you don’t even have to do anything technical to see your balance. All you need to do is to download the app and install it.

Login by providing your phone number and in a few seconds everything about your airtime and data subscription will be displayed on the app home page. To find more about your subscription click on the data balance to see full details like the bonuses attached to your data subscription expiring date and lot more.

 How to check MTN data balance using myMTN App

How to check MTN data balance using MyMTNApp method

Let me make it easier for you once more, To check MTN data balance using the myMTN app, follow these steps.

  • Use your Android or iOS smartphone and go to Google’s Play Store or Apple’s app store.
  • Search for “MyMTNApp” and download it.
  • Open the app and fill in your phone number as required.
  • An OTP code will be sent to the provided number to verify that you are the real owner of the provided phone number, enter the OTP and sign in.
  • You might also be required to set your login details, such as a username and a password.
  • You should be taken to the homepage of the app after you have done that, from where you can see your essential account information such as your new tariff schedule, your airtime balance, and current data balances.
  • You can find basic information about your sim card if you take your time to work your way through the app, such as the full name you used in registering the sim, your PUK (Personal Unlocking Key) in case you lost your sim pack, and some other important information.


I have given you a detailed guide on how to check MTN data balance and I believe that all your questions has been answered in this post but if you are still not satisfied or have more question to ask. The door is open for you, use the comment option to join the conversation.


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