How to Check Glo Data Balance with Shortcode

Checking Glo data balance is as simple as ABCD but it’s okay if you don’t know it or can’t remember it anymore. I am going to help you learn how to check Glo data balance. Some of the Glo subscribers only know how to check their data balance by dialing *777# which is a long process. I  was once like you looking for a shortcode that can be used to check Glo data balance without a long process.

How to check Glo data balance with shortcode

Before we proceed, feel free to check out the following content below.

Back to business, as I said you don’t need to dial *777#and then follow the prompt to check your Glo data balance, all you need is to dial a simple shortcode that I am going to share with you.

checking Glo data balance with shortcode

I wouldn’t like to waste your time any further but to provide an answer to your question, To check the Glo data plan in a quicker and convenient way simply pick up your phone and dial *127*0# that’s the magic number you need to check your data balance with ease.

However, sometimes dialing the shortcode will give you an error but in a few seconds you will see a message on your phone containing your data balance

How to check Glo data balance with *777#

Undoubtedly, *777# is the most import shortcode from Glo just like *131# code is the most important code for MTN Nigeria.  You can use the shortcode to do lots of things and when you dial the number you will have options like

  1. Buy Data
  2. E-Top Up
  3. My Package details
  4. Int’l Call Offers
  5. Data Roaming
  6. Campus Booster
  7. Voice Offers
  8. Glo Super Value Pack
  9. Borrow Credit or Data
  10. VAS

Dialing *777# on your Glo line will bring out the 10 options listed above but am not going to explain each of the options above. What we are interested in is to check data balance

Also, looking at the above options you might not be sure where you can go to check your data balance but you only need option 1 which is Buy data. To navigate further to see the data balance you need to type 1 and send it to see the following options.

  1. Buy Dat Plan
  2. Blackberry
  3. Gift Data Plan
  4. Share Data Plan
  5. Check Data balance
  6. Manage Data Plan

The number 5 which is check data balance is all you need, simply type 5 in the provided box and send. Your balance will be shown to you but that’s a long process and I am only guiding you guys through this process in case the shortcode didn’t work for you. To save the stress dial *127*0# on your Glo line and it’s done. If it fails then try plan be which is through *777#


I believe you have seen that’s it’s easy to check your Glo data balance but if you face any problem checking your balance kindly use the comment box below to share your experience.



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