Glo Bumpa Subscription Code and Benefits

Are you looking for Glo bumpa Subscription code and as well interested to know the benefits of this tariff plan? Let me start with this question, What is Glo bumpa and how does it work? Glo bumpa is a tariff plan recently introduced by the Nigerian telecom giant Globacom.

Glo Bumpa tariff plan is designed to offer Glo customers real value for their money which include 200% recharge bonus and attractive SMS and call rate.

Benefits of Glo Bumpa Tariff Plan

Glo Bumpa Code subscription and benefits

In case you are not sure whether to migrate to this plan or not, below are the benefits you stand to enjoy when you migrate to Glo bumpa.

Moreover, many Glo subscribers have been looking for a way to migrate to Glo bumpa tariff plan and need to find the Glo bumpa Subscription code to be able to enjoy the irresistible bonus and awoofs that follows.

200% recharge bonus: Glo is rewarding their customers with 200% airtime recharge bonus. Example, when you recharge N200 you get N600 and when you recharge N2000 you get N6000 that’s it.

50k/sec, N4 per SMS: Glo Bumpa offers a flat tariff of 50k/sec for all network in Nigeria. however, It also comes with a flat rate of N4 per SMS to all networks, while international SMS will be charged at N10 per SMS.

Free Night Calls: In addition, if you are looking for a Glo tariff plan that will enable you to make free midnight calls then Glo Bumpa is what you need.

Why migrate to bumpa Tariff Plan?

From my own personal observation, this plan is the best for those who make lots of calls because the bumpa tariff plan offers a long-term bonus validity of 30 days with no rental fees.

Glo bumpa Subscription code

If you are interested in Glo bumpa and don’t know the subscription code to use then search no further and follow this simple step below.

Simply pick up your phone with Glo sim inserted and dial *100*10*1# and press 1 when asked for confirmation. Simple right?

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Once you are done go ahead and recharge your phone and enjoy 200% recharge bonus and attractive call rate.

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