How to Soft & Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

This year’s most intriguing gadget is the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2. The Z Fold 2’s 7.6-inch folding screen and 6.2-inch front cover screen give you the impression that you’re carrying and using a piece of the future in your hands.

The apparent truth is that no matter how costly or powerful these devices are, they have issues now and then. If this occurs, you should attempt to resolve the problems so that your brand-new phone is once again up and running flawlessly. To soft and hard reset the Galaxy Z Fold 2, follow these steps.

Samsung  galaxy Z Fold 2 soft and hard resting guide

Here’s how to do a soft reset on the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

You’re effectively rebooting the device when you perform a “soft” reset on your Galaxy Z Fold 2. As long as you can still use your smartphone, this is a good option. If an app isn’t operating correctly but is still causing issues on your phone, you may want to try a soft reset.

For a maximum of three seconds, hold down the power button.

On the screen, press the Turn Off button to shut off the computer.

To double-check, press the Power Off button a second time.

Wait for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold to shut off before proceeding.

Hold the power button down until the starting logo appears, then release the button.

You’ll be prompted for your passcode when the starting logo displays. If an app is causing problems, you may go through and delete it or clear the cache if required.

Hard Reset Instructions for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

Don’t worry if your Galaxy Z Fold 2 gets stuck in a frozen state. It’s as simple as “hard” reset your phone. It’s as if you’re trying to perform anything on your PC while the power button is pressed, and nothing happens. Check out this guide on how to perform a factory reset on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2.

Hold down the Power and Volume Down keys simultaneously.

As long as you see the Samsung logo, you’re done holding the buttons down.

Press and hold the Volume Down button while releasing the Power button.

After you conduct a hard reset, you won’t lose any data or information. Because the power button may be programmed to do various functions, several smartphone makers have altered how you reset your device.

Performing a factory reset on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 is simple when your know-how.

You must do a Factory Data Reset on this great Android smartphone if you wish to reboot it. You’ll be able to delete anything from your phone, including apps, accounts, contacts, and messages, once you do this. Before doing a factory reset, create a backup of your data..

How to make a backup of your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2:

Go to your mobile device’s settings menu.

Tap Accounts & Backup at the bottom of the page to access this menu.

Make a backup of your data and then restore it if necessary.

Choose a Google Account.

Backing up your data is as simple as pressing the Back Up Now button.

Wait for the backup to be finished before continuing.

At the top of the screen, there is a progress bar showing the current status. Check your backup is complete by waiting for this to go away.
You may do a factory reset on the Galaxy Z Fold 2 when the backup is complete.

Navigate to your Galaxy Z Fold 2’s Settings app.

General Administration may be found by scrolling to the bottom and selecting it.

Reset your device by pressing the Reset button.

Select Reset my computer to default settings.

Reset your browser by clicking the Reset button at the bottom of the page.

Signing back into your accounts will be possible when the reset is complete. If you wish to restore all data, you can restore it from a previous backup during setup.


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