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Emojis are a feature of the iPhone that even those who use Android devices adore. As we’ve seen with recent Android releases, the vast majority of people don’t like emojis whatsoever. It ruins the aesthetics of texts. Therefore the best option is to utilize the iOS-style emoji set instead. This may be accomplished by following the easy steps outlined in this post.

Rooted Android Devices Can Now Use iPhone Emojis

This is a straightforward way to get iPhone emojis working on Android devices. You’ll need to get your hands on the iOS Emoji Magic Module, a zip file containing all IOS emojis. Extract the contents of the zip file to your Android device and run the installation process.

Both rooted and non-rooted Android phones can use the techniques listed below. No worries if your Android phone is not rooted. This post also covers the unrooted version. Both methods are pretty straightforward.

  1. Download the emoji zip file from the link provided below:
    Download link:
  2. After you’ve downloaded and installed the app on your phone. If you’re asked for permission, give it. To install Android apps from sources other than the Google Play store, you’ll need to enable unknown sources.
iPhone emojis on Android

3. When Magisk emoji modules have been installed, launch the app and click the ‘+’ button at the bottom to add the file. Then, wait for the module to install and restart the program when a dialog box appears.

You’ll be able to utilize iPhone emojis on your keyboard after a reboot.
That’s all there is to it. Installing the Magisk emoji module is straightforward, and it doesn’t leave any changed files behind for you to deal with afterward.

How get iOS emojis on Android without rooting your phone

You don’t have to root your phone to use iOS emojis on your Android device. However, specific applications available on Google Play give the impression that you are using iPhone emojis on your Android device while you are still using Android emojis. To alter the format, we’ll need to download and install emoji font 3 to make emoji fonts available across all messaging services.

  1. Because it’s no longer available on the Play Store, you’ll need to use the apk file provided to get it working on your Android device. Use the following link to get the apk file:
    The following link will take you to a download page for Emoji Font 3.
    If your non-rooted Android doesn’t grant you permission to install the app, go into the settings and turn on “Unknown Sources” permissions.
  2. You’ll be redirected to the Aptoide app store after downloading the apk (this is like an app store for rooted version Android phones). Now go to your app store and get emoji font 3 and install it.
  3. Now that it’s been installed, you’ll have to make a few Android settings adjustments. Activate Font Style from the Display menu (Settings > Display). Now that you’ve clicked on it, you’ll be presented with several alternatives. Choose Emoji 3 as your font style from the drop-down menu.
iPhone emojis on Android: how to install? (even without root)

4. You may see a change in the font after this, but adjusting the font size should correct the issue.

5. Download and install the Gboard Google keyboard from the Play Store after it has been installed. You can skip this step if you have an essential Android phone (like the Samsung Galaxy) because the Google keyboard is already installed.

6. Select Gboard as your input method when it has been downloaded and installed. It will replace your current keyboard with the Google keyboard as your default.

How get iOS emojis on Android

All done! You now have access to the iPhone emoji keyboard on your Android device. Rooted and non-rooted Android phones may use this approach equally well.

These are some of your Android’s smiling emojis after you’ve followed the instructions mentioned above.

iPhone emoji keyboard

In summary, if you’re using an Android smartphone that’s been rooted, choose Option 1. The second alternative, on the other hand, doesn’t require you to touch your mobile software. As long as you use one of these choices, your texting discussions will remain vibrant and exciting.

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