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Having issues with your Google Pixel battery? I have some solutions for you, all you need to do is to read this guide till the end to know why your Pixel smartphone battery is not lasting or working as it should.

Compared to other Android smartphones, Google Pixel has a lot more personality. With Motion Sense, you can use the gadget without touching it at all. Even in low-light situations, Face Unlock keeps your phone safe and secure. Although the Pixel has many advantages, this does not imply that it is error-free. Different battery issues might arise for users from time to time. Battery problems can range from seemingly unimportant to life-threatening.

(Fixed) Google Pixel battery drains quickly

What’s up with my Google Pixel’s battery life?

Pixel battery issues can have a variety of causes. Here are a few of the most typical.

Some apps are draining the battery too quickly: Some of the programs you’ve downloaded and installed on your smartphone or tablet aren’t battery-saving friendly. Some of these will drain your Pixel’s battery life to 0% in no time at all. The battery drains rapidly while using video conferencing and streaming applications, so be sure they aren’t operating in the background.

There’s a problem with your battery: It’s possible that your battery has degraded and is no longer able to retain a charge. Third-party chargers, for example, have the potential to harm your battery. Use your Pixel in extreme temperatures, or expose it to damp and water, and it will suffer the same fate. Or, perhaps, your phone’s battery has to be replaced since it’s getting old.

The actions of the user: Because mobile data and Bluetooth are always on, you’ll have to charge your Pixel phone more frequently if you do this. There’s no escaping the fact that online surfing and video calls deplete your battery quicker than voice calls do.

How to Restore Battery Life on a Google Pixel

Stop using apps that drain your battery.
Determine which applications are draining your battery first. Enter Settings, choose Battery from the drop-down menu, and then select Battery usage. Check the battery consumption percentage of each app by going to Settings > Battery > App usage from a full charge.

Google Pixel battery drains quickly

If the troublesome apps are still operating in the background, force a shutdown of them. Close them when you’re done with them the next time so they don’t keep running in the background. You may also wish to seek battery-friendly alternatives to the current apps you’re using.

Pixel phones should be updated and restarted thereafter
Check to see if your Pixel phone is running the most recent version of Android. Enter Settings > System > Advanced > System Update to begin.

Solution to Google pixel problems

Improved battery life and performance are possible with the most recent Pixel software upgrades.

Then open the Google Play Store app, choose My apps & games from the Menu bar. Update all programs marked with an “Update” label.

Modify the phone’s settings.
Next, check your phone’s settings to see if there are any that are consuming your battery faster than usual. If so, make any necessary edits or disable the settings. Be prepared to have to charge it every eight or nine hours if you use your Pixel’s location, hotspot, or Bluetooth services constantly.

What can I do to extend the life of my Google Pixel’s battery?

  • When you’re not using them, turn off your mobile data and Bluetooth.
  • Reduce the number of applications that send you alerts by turning them off while not in use. Each notification you get drains battery life little but continuously.
  • Stop any programs running in the background and force them to be closed. Why let them run in the background if you’re not going to utilize them?
  • Running a large number of geo-locator-enabled applications at once will deplete your battery quickly.
  • Apps that use a lot of battery power might be restricted. Click Restrict on the card with recommendations to limit the use of an app in Settings Battery.
  • Enable battery optimization and battery health optimization in battery settings (Android 11 and above).
  • Disable live wallpapers and smooth display, lower screen brightness, and switch off your phone’s screen when not in use to get a gloomy look and feel.
  • Deactivate the keyboard’s sound and vibration, as well as the Motion Sense feature if it’s enabled.

Find out more about the battery life of the Google Pixel

For Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2 and 2 XL, Pixel 3 and 3 XL, Pixel 4 and 4 XL, and Pixel 4A and 4A, expect about 10 hours of online surfing and movie playback (5G).
The Google Pixel 3A XL’s battery life is rated at 14 hours for online surfing and movie playing.
When surfing the web and watching videos, the Pixel 5 should last around 11 hours.
If you simply make voice calls with your phone, you may get an extra 10 hours of battery life with each Pixel model.

How can I see if my Google Pixel’s battery is low? The battery status may be seen in your Pixel phone’s settings by going to Settings, selecting Battery, then tapping Battery a second time. If everything goes according to plan, you’ll get a notification saying your battery is good. To learn more about how your battery is being used, go to More and choose Battery usage.


For the most part, Google Pixel battery loss is caused by a combination of things. Your phone’s settings might encourage quicker battery drain if certain apps use a lot of energy. An outdated battery will also deplete more quickly than a fresh one. We really hope that this tutorial has been of use in resolving your battery issues with your Google Pixel smartphone. Please use the comments section below if you have any more advice or ideas to give.

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