TECNO Wins Mobile Phone Brand Of The Year Award

TECNO was just named the “Mobile Phone Brand of the Year” at the 2021 Beacon of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Awards. It’s the brand’s second time receiving this honor after its award in 2020.

This accomplishment reaffirms TECNO’s ability to innovate as a market leader in the mobile phone industry. The award was awarded at an industry event on July 24 at Eko Hotels & Suites by the day’s keynote speaker, Muhammad Rudman, CEO, Internet Exchange Point of Nigeria.

Tecno Mobile Phone Brand of the Year
Tecno mobile of the year award

Vincent Uzoegbu, TECNO Mobile’s PR Communications and Media Manager for West Africa, commented on the award: “TECNO has always prided itself on developing devices that provide premium experiences and powerful performance. From the start, the brand has been defined by unprecedented innovation. We are humbled and grateful for this recognition.”

TECNO has grown in reputation and prominence in global and local markets in recent years, owing to its successes in Africa and the relaunch of the PHANTOM brand, which not only elevated the brand to rivalry in the higher-end market segment but also marked a significant shift in the competitive landscape in global emerging markets. The brand has always strived for excellence by offering cutting-edge technology in product functionalities, image, user experience, and other facets of mobile technology.

Addressing industry experts and stakeholders at the event, Muhammad Rudman emphasized the importance of Africa adopting 5G networks, easing concerns about the technology’s safety, in his keynote address titled “How 5G can Help Internet Service Delivery.”

The BoICT Awards, now in their 12th year, are an initiative of the media house, Nigeria Communications Week, with the goal of rewarding best practices and recognizing individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions to the growth of ICT.

The event is primarily considered the most major yearly event accessible in Nigeria’s information and communication technology industry. This year’s event drew a sizable crowd of ICT practitioners, regulators, and bankers, among others.

What do you think about this award?

I don’t know what you think about Tecno mobile claiming this award for the second successive year. It doesn’t matter if you love or hate Tecno phones but based on productivity, I would say that Tecno mobile has done magnificently well recently.

In Nigeria, many regards Tecno as fake or inferior phones but not anymore, and for the first time, Tecno has released a smartphone that cost N228,000 to buy in Nigeria which is Tecno Phantom X . This phone is not just expensive for nothing, it has most of the advanced features you need and as well built with some premium hardware which contributes to the cost of the phone.

Tecno wins Mobile Phone Brand of the Year

Between 2020/2021, Tecno mobile has done something great, and within this date, they have released more than 15 different smartphones with amazing features. Let’s not forget their almighty Tecno camera 17 Pro with amazing camera features and big memory size.

In conclusion, I think Tecno deserves the award because they have done so well. they keep improving and bring the best and affordable smartphones into the Nigerian market

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