Tedber Home Theater 100w Sound Bar With Woofer

Give your Television the perfect sounds it needs with this Tedber Home Theater that brings out the real sound from your TV set, say no to that boring and poor sounds, and change the atmosphere in your living room with this Tedber Home Theater.

If you call this a Soundbar, you are not wrong, and if you see it as a normal home theater sound system, you are equally correct because it’s still the same and serves the same purpose. You might have a huge and eye-catchy Smart Tv set, but the sound is always poor or average compared to A good sound system.

Tedber Home Theater 100w Sound Bar With Woofer
Soundbar + Woofer + Remote

However, this home theater 100w soundbar with a woofer can connect to anything wirelessly through Bluetooth. You can even connect your phone and play your favorite music through the sound system.

Key Features

  • Includes a 100W Subwoofer for deep Bass
  • Bluetooth 4.1 Technology
  • Slim and understated Design
  • High-Performance Connectivity
  • Big Power(Max up to 120 watt).
  • 2.1 channel 100 Watt
  • Infra-Red Learning Function
  • The S7621 can“learn”the TV remote control signal
  • DSP Technology

Thanks to Digital Signal Processing, can raise the level of Movie/Music/Dialog while maintaining overall sound quality.

Sound quality

This 100W portable soundbar is built to deliver the best sound quality from any compatible devices such as Tv sets, Smartphones, and any other Bluetooth-enabled music player. While this Tedber Home Theater might not be the most expensive or the one with the best sound quality but I can assure you that you get real value for your money.

Presently, this sound system has over a 4.7/5 rating and customer feedback from 20 real users on the Jumia online mall which clearly shows that shows that sound system is good for the price. Enjoy the thunderous bass that comes from the woofer


Tedber Home Theater has a normal soundbar along with a portable woofer for your listening pleasure. It’s portable and doesn’t take much space and yet the sound quality is not compromised. There are sound speakers with multiple speakers that take a lot of space but not with this Tedber Home Theater, it can suit in any apartment.

Easy control

This sound system comes with a good quality remote control

that makes everything easy if you, with the remote control you can control the volume, select music, change sound quality etc.

Whether you are in the kitchen or on the bed you only need the remote control to control what you wish to listen to and how loud they should be. In fact you are in charge as long as you are with the remote controller.


Soundbars are mainly designed to for TVs with poor quality sounds but this sound system is a combination of both home theatre and soundbar, you can connect that you smartphone to the sound system through the bluetooth and control everything from your phone even when chatting with friends.

When you are watching a video on your smartphone but can’t hear the sound clearly then, this sounds system will help you bring out the real sound in a special way.

Tedber Home Theater price

Presently this small but mighty sound system cost between N41,000 – N49,000 but you can see the current price and offer on Jumia Nigeria


You can agree with me that most high-quality and expensive smart Tvs bring the best picture quality but not the best sound quality. What you need to enhance that sound quality is this soundbar system with a woofer that comes with a thunderous bass just the way you like it.

However, the good news is that this sound system is not just for TVs; you can use it to connect other compatible devices, especially smartphones, tablets, etc.


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