iPhone Users Are Warned To Update To iOS 14.7 Immediately

What is new to the latest Apple iOS 14.7, which is available now. However, iOS 14.7 comes with a caution to upgrade at once since it contains specific critical security patches for 37 iPhone vulnerabilities, which should be addressed immediately.

However, while the iOS 14.7 update did arrive a few days ago, it did not include the critical list of security patches usually included with iOS upgrades. iPadOS 14.7 was strangely absent from the list, but it has since been released together with a list of security patches, which was previously unavailable.

iPhone Users Are Warned To Update To iOS 14.7 Immediately

According to Apple, four WebKit issues, which require someone to download a malicious file or piece of information, have been resolved by iOS 14.7. WebKit is the engine that runs the Safari browser. Joining a rogue Wi-Fi network, as previously reported, might result in a denial of service or the execution of malicious malware. IOS 14.7 addresses this problem.

The list of security vulnerabilities resolved in iOS 14.7 and iPad 14.7 does not include Pegasus. This malware made headlines over the weekend for its ability to take advantage of a flaw in Apple’s iMessage system and send malicious messages. It is frighteningly feasible to compromise someone’s iPhone using a “zero-click attack,” a media message sent through iMessage that requires no input from the victim. Keep an eye out for another security update, which might be released as soon as iOS 14.7.1 or later.

The only information available is a list of the vulnerabilities that have been fixed in iOS 14.7, as Apple likes to withhold too much information. It encourages as many users as possible to upgrade their iPhones before bad actors obtain the necessary information.

iOS 14.7 is the most current in a series of security updates released by Apple this year, the most recent being iOS 14. The last update, iOS 14.6, which was released in May, addressed 43 iPhone security issues. The 14.5.1 emergency update was released earlier in May, which addressed vulnerabilities that hostile adversaries may have exploited to launch attacks against iPhones.

Don’t put off updating to iOS 14.7

Even though many people prefer to wait before installing iOS updates, you must update to iOS 14.7 as soon as possible to maintain your security. Unfortunately, there are several problems in iOS 14.7, but protecting your iPhone from being hacked is a more critical priority.

Based on a large number of code execution vulnerabilities—some of which are remotely exploitable—Wright “strongly recommends” that you upgrade to iOS and iPadOS version 14.7 as soon as you are able.

I agree, and it won’t take long to put it into action right now.

Then go to Settings > General > Software Upgrade and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the update.

Because security updates will be treated separately from feature upgrades in iOS 15, there will be no justification for failing to apply them. However, for the time being, you must upgrade to iOS 14.7 as soon as possible to keep your iPhone secure.

According to Sean Wright, SME security lead at Immersive Labs, there are many code execution vulnerabilities. He claims that while not all of them are remotely executable (i.e., the attack cannot be carried out without physical access to the device), some of them “could be chained with other vulnerabilities or ways to exploit,” he explains.

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