New Code to check Glo Number on your phone (2021 Updated)

Have you forgotten your Glo number and can't remember it any more? I am going to help you right now because I have the answer to your question. However, the code we usually use to check the Glo number doesn't work anymore but I was able to find a working code that can help you get your Glo number right from your phone.

Why it's necessary to remember your Glo number

Not Just Glo numbers, You need to know your phone number irrespective of the network you are using because at a point you will need it. However, since the introduction of dual sim smartphones that allows you to use multiple sim cards in one phone, it has become obvious that you might not be able to remember both phone numbers.

Code to check Glo Number

Just, for instance, I have up to three phone numbers but one out of the three is my main number which I can't ever forget in my dream but others are either for data subscription or just for other specific purposes. You can actually dial some number to subscribe data or buy airtime but what If the situation is different this time. These are the reasons why you must remember or find your phone number.

  • Buying airtime or data from your bank as a third party requires your phone number.
  • If your phone number is connected to GOtv or another cable TV network then you need it to renew your subscription.
  • You might as well desire to have a VIP phone number that only certain people can call, so how do you give it out when you can't remember your phone number.
  • Online registration and verification, If you want to create two Google Gmail account you will be required to use 2 different phone numbers to verify those accounts in most cases.

THE old USSD Code don't work anymore

I have up to 3 different network lines which include, MTN, Glo and Airtel, I bought Glo specifically for data because their data plans were cheaper then but since I don't normally use it for calls, I forget the number and was looking for the working code that I can dial on my phone to see my Glo number.

Unfortunately for me, all those codes I used in the past to check my Glo phone number are not working again. I published a post on how to find MTN GLO, AIRTEL & 9MOBILE phone number in the past which still works for other network but as for Glo old code are no longer working. However, it might work for but it didn't work for me.

If you are presently facing the same issue then you don't have to be worried. The new USSD code that is about to share will surely work

New code to check Glo Number

The Glo USSD code that worked for me when the previous code I normally used failed is 777*#, yes that's the code that worked for me. To check it out simply pick up your phone and dial 777*# and send it. Your Glo phone number will be displayed on your phone screen instantly.

I hope this works for you but if you are still not able to check your Glo phone number using the above USSD code then you have to try the old method which I am going to share as well below.

Glo Own number checker USSD code

Glo created a USSD code that allows their subscribers to check their phone numbers conveniently when they can't remember them anymore.

You can find your GLO phone number in two methods, dialling a shortcode or by calling the number they named own number and you will hear your phone number, Dial 1358# or 1244 to hear your number. Remember the reason I decided to create this post is that when I tried using the above numbers to check my Glo number but it didn't work. The code that worked for me is 777*#

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Note: It seems that the old Glo USSD didn't work for me because my Glo phone number was deactivated from their network because I stopped using it for a while. According to Glo once you don't perform any transaction like buy airtime, subscribe to data plans for 3 months you will be deactivated and the process to reactive your Glo line is not an easy one, you actually have to go to their office with some ID card and probably some money.

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