How to connect Samsung Galaxy S10 to a Mac or PC

Your Samsung Galaxy S10 is gleaming and packed with unique features. I’m pretty jealous of you. Although my J7 refine is working well enough, I held the S10 and played with it. It’s just so much. The screen and display are great. The phone case is sleek, and the speed at which it does things makes my phone seem like an early 2000s pinball machine. 

Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+ release and key features

Don’t even let me start with the photo quality! The photos you take are just breathtaking. I am sure you will wish to transfer these art pieces from your S10 to your PC at some point.

Connecting your S10 to your computer and transferring audio, video, and photo files are simple whether you’re using a Mac or a PC. Pinky swear! Let’s get this party started!

Ways to connecting Samsung Galaxy S10 to a PC running Windows.

The first step is to connect your phone’s data cord to a USB port on your laptop or PC. Once you’ve done that, your phone’s screen may display a notice asking if you wish to enable access to your phone’s data. To continue, you must touch the “Allow” button.

 connecting Samsung Galaxy S10 to a PC running Windows

Next, you will see a small box on the top of your phone that says “USB for file transfer. Tap for other options.”

How to connect Samsung Galaxy S10 to a Mac or PC

Tap this field to open the various options. You can now choose from “Transfer Files” and a few other things. Most of the time, you’ll be using the best option, “Transfer Files,” so go ahead and tap on it right now.

 connecting Samsung Galaxy S10 to a PC running Windows

A box will now show on your laptop or monitor, similar to the one in the image below. I generally start with “Open device to view files.” Before I decide what to do with my phone, I want to know what’s on it. Choose the first option, “pictures and videos to import,” if you want to transfer all of your photographs (or other media) to your computer. The computer will begin searching for all of your phone’s photographs and movies.

 connecting Samsung Galaxy S10 to a PC running Windows

If you have a large number of them, like me, this process may take some time. Following that, all files that are discovered are automatically picked for transmission. You may go through anything and delete any checkmarks that do not belong on your computer, for example, B. Saved Facebook memes. After you’ve made your selections, I recommend that you press the “Import Options” option before proceeding.

This will open a box where you can make some crucial decisions. First, you need to choose where you want to save your pictures and files. Next, you can decide how you want to group the elements. 

connect a Galaxy S10 to a Mac

Last – and most importantly – you will be asked if you want to delete the files and photos from your phone after they are transferred to the computer. This is a personal choice, of course, so I’m not going to tell you whether or not to check this box. Your S10 has a ton of storage space, so you don’t necessarily need to delete it from the phone unless you want to.

connect a Galaxy S10 to a Mac

After you’ve made your selections, click “Done,” and then at the bottom of the Import screen, click the blue button “Selected Import.” All your content will be automatically saved on your laptop or PC!

Ways to connect a Galaxy S10 to a Mac and transfer photos

Download Android File Transfer on your Mac.

If this is your first time using Android File Transfer, you’ll need to learn how to navigate it before you can use it. After using it once, it will open by itself every time you connect your S10 to the device. Once the application is launched, connect your Galaxy S10 to it (first-time user).

Tap the USB icon by swiping down from the top of your S10. “File Transfer” is selected, and then “Only once” or “OK” is selected. You may be prompted if you wish to “Get started” at this point.

The Android File Transfer software will launch and display all of the data on your Galaxy S10 in a new window. Click the various arrows to the left of each item found to open its folder. 

Find and select the files you need – either individually or in a group if you are know-how. Hold your cursor over them and drag and drop them directly into the folder on your Mac where you like them to be placed. 

That’s all!

Do you have any additional concerns regarding your Samsung Galaxy S10? I’m a research nerd, and I’ll go to any length to assist you in finding the answers.

Have fun with the file transfer!


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