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Here are the new GOtv Supa Channel lists, what the package offers, and the current subscription price. GOtv Supa package comes with special channels that you will be interested to watch this season.

I am going to share more details on the new GOtv Supa channels and subscription price. With the new GOtv package, you will enjoy exclusive channels that were not even available on Gotv Max which was the highest package on the GOtv cable network.

Most of the GOtv users have been digging deeper to learn more about the new package since the news broke out especially the popup news box from GOtv as you can see below. However, I will share everything I know about the GOtv Supa channels package.

GOtv Supa package, Channels, and Subscription price

I was watching a program on my GOtv, and suddenly I saw a message box on the screen which requested me to press OK on the remote to see the message.

When I pressed OK on the remote, the message I saw was “A new GOtv package is coming! Upgrade to GOtv Sup on 1 Nov for must N5,500 to enjoy 80 channels, including movies, sports, and quality local content”.

From the message above, we can see that something big is coming but only makes sense to those who can afford the GOtv Supa package because paying N5,500 monthly is a big deal to many households in Nigeria. However, the good news is that you can now watch most football matches, movies, and other channels.

New GOtv Package 2021 (GOtv Supa package)

Without any doubt, GOtv Supa channels are the latest package this year but there are other packages you should know about before you make a decision. However, I will surely list all the GOtv Supa channels here before the end of the page for your to check out but you should as well take a look at the 2021 GOtv packages and channel lists where I listed all the GOtv packages and its channels.

GOtv Supa is the bigger fish among them all but you should actually go for what you need and avoid paying for what you don’t need. The best thing to do is to carefully check all the GOtv packages and the channels available and then go for the one that is suitable and affordable for you.

What’s New on the GOtv Supa Channels

You probably heard, that more is coming on the GOtv Cable network but don’t know what is coming yet? Well, I did my little homework to find out more about the GOtv Supa package and the channels available. The question right now is what’s new on the GOtv Sup channels, what other sports channels, Children’s or movie channels are added on the new package?

From my finding, all the channels on the GOtv Max will be available on the GOtv Supa channel list plus additional channels. Below are the new GOtv Supa channels that you can’t see on GOtv Max

  1. WWE
  2. African Magic Urban
  3. TL Novelas
  4. Honey
  5. Nick JR.
  6. NickToons
  7. ROK
  8. Kix
  9. Novela Magic.

The above 9 channels are the additional channels added on GOtv Supa but I believe that more channels will be added to the list. Check the full GOtv Supa channel List Blow

GOtv Supa Channels List

One thing you should know is that GOtv Supa will offer more channels than the GOtv Max package, which was previously the highest and the most expensive GOtv package but not anymore.

GOtv Max already offers 70+ channels, and we should expect up to 80+ channels on the GOtv Supa package. Subscribing to GOtv Supa means that you will have all the GOtv Max channels + additional 8 to 15 channels.


I checked GOtv again and saw that they have updated the list of GOtv Supa channels and as well promised to pump the new Supa package with up to 83+ channels. Below is the breakdown of the GOtv Supa channel list

GOtv Supa Channel List Categories

  • Entertainment channels on GOtv Supa channels (21 Channels)
  • Movies (6 Channels)
  • Documentary, Lifestyle & Education (4 channels)
  • Sports Aavailable on GOtv Supa channels (6 Channels)
  • News & commerce (8 Channels)
  • Kids & Teens (8 Channels)
  • Music (3 Channels)
  • Local Channels (21)
  • Religious (4 Channels)
  • Audio/Radio (2 Radio Stations)

Total channels on GOtv Supa package = 81 TV Channels + 2 FM Radio station = [83] See the channels below.

ChannelsChannel Category Channel No:
African Magic Family General Entertainment2
AM Hausa General Entertainment4
African Magic General Entertainment11
AM Yoruba General Entertainment5
Bet General Entertainment21
CBS Reality General Entertainment22
ROK2 General Entertainment17
Name not clear General Entertainment15
E General Entertainment26
Telemundo General Entertainment14
TVC Entertainment General Entertainment27
ROKGH General Entertainment18
AM Urban General Entertainment6
StarLife General Entertainment23
ZeeWorld General Entertainment25
Real-Time General Entertainment12
Discovery Family General Entertainment50
Trybe General Entertainment97
WWE General Entertainment36
TL Novellas General Entertainment13
Novela Magic General Entertainment20
B4U Movies Movies24
TNT Movies16
AM Epic Movies9
M4 Movies Movies3
ROK Movies7
KIX Movies19
ID Discovery Documentary/Lifestyle52
NET GEO Wild Documentary/Lifestyle51
Spice Documentary/Lifestyle10
Honey Documentary/Lifestyle57
ESPN Sports37
LaLiga Sports32
Sports Select Sports33
S,Football Sports31
Sports Select 2 Sports34
Sports Blitz Sports30
BBCNews & Commerce41
CNN News & Commerce42
Arise News News & Commerce44
Aljazeera News & Commerce40
NTA Parliament News & Commerce115
TVC News News & Commerce45
NTA News & Commerce46
Channels News & Commerce95
Cartoon Network Kids & Teens65
Davinci Kids Kids & Teens66
Disney Junior Kids & Teens60
PBS Kids Kids & Teens65
Nickelodeon Kids & Teens62
Jim Jam Kids & Teens61
Nick Junior Kids & Teens64
Nick Toons Kids & Teens69
MTV Base Music72
Hip TV Music74
SoundCity Music75
Tiwa N Tiwa Local Channels111
AIT Local Channels93
BCOS TV Local Channels105
BISCON TV Local Channels108
EBS HD Local Channels104
Galaxy TV Local Channels99
ITV Local Channels107
ONMAX Local Channels96
LTV Local Channels90
Liberty TV Local Channels110
NTA 2 Local Channels114
NTA Plus Local Channels91
DG TV Local Channels100
R2 TV Local Channels112
Rave TV Local Channels113
RSTV Local Channels103
Silverbird Local Channels92
Sunna TV Local Channels84
Wap TV Local Channels102
Wazobia Max Local Channels98
Arewa 24 Local Channels101
Dove Religious83
Emmanuel TV Religious82
Faith Religious80
Islam Channel Religious81

All the channels listed above are for the new GOtv Supa package, However, I believe that more channels will be added and I always update this list as soon as there is a channel. I am hopeful that more sports channels will be added also.

Type of channels to expect on the GOtv Supa package

The price of the package explains more about the type of content/channels that will be added to the new GOtv Supa package.

Exclusive Sports Channels: GOtv made it clear that more sports channels will be added. I am confident that what drives up the subscription price is the premium content added to the package. I can confess that few sports channels available on GOtv Max are not enough.

I hardly watch any serious English Premier League matches on GOtv max, but I am sure with the introduction of GOtv Supa, all of that will be settled, and if it doesn’t, then paying N5,500 per month will be a waste of money for football lovers.

Dedicated Movie channels: I am not sure about what movie channels we are getting on the new GOtv Supa package but expect more premium movie channels. In a few days from now, the channel list will be available for all of us to see.

more local channels: Apart from sports and movies, you should also expect some local channels that were not even available on the GOtv Max plan. while waiting for Supa channels you can take a look at 2021 GOtv packages and channel lists

The image above rather looks more confusing, GOtv max offers 75+ channels, GOtv Jolli has 68+ channels, How come the costliest package which is the new GOtv Supa offering 50+ channels? Well, from what I can understand the package will go live on the 1st of November 2021 and there is every possibility that all the channels have not been added and arranged properly.

However, it might as well indicate that the GOtv Supa package is not designed around quantity but quality, in simple words the channels might be lesser but will be mostly exclusive contents.

GOtv Supa subscription price

This package will cost you nothing less than N5,500 per month and if you like to watch live football matches. The most expensive GOtv package was GOtv Max but not anymore GOtv Supa is now the biggest GOtv package the question now is can you afford to pay N5,500 per month?

Those who are on GOtv Max will have to add an extra N1900 to make up the N5,500 while those in the Jolli package will have to add an extra N3040 to make up the N5,500

How and when to Upgrade to GOtv Supa

November 1st, 2021 is the date, get ready to enjoy the best content from GOtv. For an easy subscription, you need to download the GOtv app or better still follow whatever process you know to subscribe to GOtv Supa.

Normally, when you log in to the GOtv app you will click on the change package and then select your desired package but right now, there is no GOtv Supa package on the app but hopefully, the page will be available before November 1st, 2021. If you are facing any issue with your GOtv then visit GOtv Problems & Solutions (Activation, Fix Error)

IMPORTANT NOTICE: GOtv will update its Terms and Conditions on 01 November 2021 to ensure that they are more user-friendly according to them.

17 thoughts on “GOtv Supa Channels List, Package and Subscription price

  1. Lukman says:

    Adding 1900 to the current gotv max to give us just 9 channels it’s a scam in every angle of thinking.

    Where are the regulatory body of this doings.
    Multi choice rethink this

    1. Collins says:

      You are right dear, I thought they are adding more sports channels but was disappointed

  2. These added station to me is a scam. How do u expect me to pay huge additional 1900 to upgrade to supa and just be getting only 8+channels. Out of this new channels its only mix that is even standard a little. No additional sport channels andbu expect me to upgrade? I value my money if I don’t value your customers. Everybody know that the situation of the country is very bad. To see money na serious hustle ooo.

  3. Noble Prince says:

    I better remain where i am ( jolli ) than spending such amount of money for nothing. Though I love WWE,

  4. Walesegz says:

    Upgrading to supa without adding more reasonable channels scam!!! Please rethink.

  5. Chimdimma says:

    This is just absolute nonsense to me.
    Thinking I subscribed to got supa without added sports.

    1. Amaka says:

      Multi choice u guys are scammers, just 9 channels for 2200+ cos it’s not even 1900, this is absolute nonsense

  6. Lolo says:

    Jolli all the way. To me that’s the best channel as the important channels are in it. I’m very interested in AM Urban but I’m also not willing to let my 3040 go like that. Thank God for FTA channels to compliment.

  7. Pls can someone help me out i subscribe gotv jollI for 2,600 yesterday they gave me 46 channels instead of 69 pls can someone make me to understand d person told me dt jolli is no longer 69 is 46

  8. kingsley egwere says:

    This is a fraud of the highest order. Just 9 channels for such an amount?

  9. Nkrumah Jordan says:

    Is not worth it to actually upgrade to gotv supa,I though some reasonable channels will be added like the food network.

  10. David says:

    Dis is absolute scam and failure I subscribed to Supa still yet am in max what’s going on.

    1. Collins says:

      Rescan your GOtv Decoder to see more few channels

  11. Jamiu says:

    Can i watch premier lealeag on gotv supa?

    1. Collins says:

      You can watch some matches but not all

  12. IBUKUN Adepoju says:

    This is totally a scam because I just upgraded to gotv Supa and there’s no any additional channels. Una be scammer and I wasted my funds on this. You do this one oya now

    1. Collins says:

      Rescan your GOtv decoder to get more channels

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