(Solution) My Pc Keyboard is not working properly

Do you believe the keyboard is essential? Experiment with your PC without it. Without the keyboard, your computer will be nearly worthless. The keyboard, like all other PC devices, can and will put you down.

The keyboard is an essential accessory, and unless the problem is something trivial like a jammed key, you’re better off buying a new one than trying to repair it.

What To Do When Your Keyboard Fail


When investigating keyboard issues, remember to check the obvious first and avoid taking shortcuts like with any problem-solving technique. To address frequent keyboard issues, follow these steps.


  1. Turn on the computer for the first time. It can occasionally fix a machine that has froze or locked up during the initial boot.
  2. Check to verify sure the cable is fully put into the connection behind the system unit. Make sure it’s in the keyboard connector rather than the mouse connector.

Remove the wire from the system unit and turn off the computer. Examine the pins and connections for any signs of bending or breaking.

Suppose all pins and connections are in excellent working order. Connect a different keyboard and restart your computer. Replace the old keyboard with the new one if it works.


If your new keyboard fails as well, look into resource conflicts if you’re using Windows 98 or Me. In System Properties, go to Start, Settings, Control Panel, System, and Device Manager Tab.

Windows show you all of the devices that are connected to your computer. After clicking the plus symbol, look through the list for the keyboard. The keyboard has an issue if you see an exclamation point or a red X beside it.

Now select the keyboard, press the delete button, and confirm your action by clicking OK in the confirmation window. Restart the computer after closing Device Manager. The operating system will reconfigure the keyboard.


You’ve rebooted your computer, but the keyboard is still not working. It’s now conceivable that your keyboard port is broken. If your computer’s second keyboard isn’t working, this might be the case.

If the keyboard gets too hot, an error notice will display, albeit this is unusual. Stuck keys might also cause error warnings on your monitor during bootup.


It is critical to keep the keyboard clear of dirt and dust to achieve optimal keyboard performance. Liquid spills are likely,y to happen, but using compressed air may be used to clean them up.

Your Windows settings might also cause poor keyboard performance. To check the version of your keyboard, go to Start, Settings, Control Panel, and double-click keyboard.

What To Do When Your Keyboard Fail

The Speed Tab, the Repeat Delay, Repeat Rate, and Cursor Blink Rate may all be controlled. The Repeat Delay is the time it takes for a key to react after you push it. The Repeat Rate determines how quickly the key repeats after it has started repeating.

Windows allows you to modify elements of your keyboard that will improve its performance and help you do jobs more quickly.

While the keyboard is replaced rather than fixed, you must understand how to diagnose most keyboard issues. Late at night, you could have issues with the keyboard, and you’ll need to get it operating so you can finish a paper for work. Know how to troubleshoot problems and assist others who may be experiencing keyboard issues.


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