Surface Pro X 2 Features & What to Expect

Surface fits a pen garage inside an attachable keyboard and has smaller bezels than Surface Pro 7’s. Microsoft spent a lot of time contemplating what would be like the new Surface tablet since the company couldn’t stay with the old Surface functions, such as connecting a magnetic pen on the side. The keyboard connector has been changed, USB Type-A, and more have been removed.

Because we are discussing Surface Pro 8 that is supposed to start with Windows 11 now, it was time to talk about Surface Pro X 2.

Surface Pro X 2
Surface Pro X 2

Surface Pro X 2: price, brand, and date of release.

Microsoft has not, to be clear, announced the product, and there are no concrete rumors. We don’t know for sure that Surface Pro X 2 will be named. Returning to the fifth generation, Microsoft unveiled it is Surface Pro 6. It was more straightforward for customers to come back to numerical names. Microsoft entirely changes Surface Pro X. Surface Pro X 2 will likely be a bet.

Regarding the release date, I think that this product will not be seen until the following spring. Microsoft cannot use modern silicon. The personalized Microsoft SQ1 and SQ2 processors currently in use are only customized variants of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx, which have been significantly unrecovered since it was initiated.

However, I expect prices to fall. When the Surface Pro X started for the first time, it started at $999.99, but now you can get $150 less. That has 8GB RAM, a 128GB SSD, and an SQ1 CPU. You could upgrade to the same setup but with 256GB of storage for an astounding $300 more.

Prices for such products tend to fall with time. The Surface Pro X was a product of the first generation. Therefore it was costly. The Surface Pro X 2 should be cheaper, even by how much it is supposed to be.

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Surface Pro X 2: what’s new?

First of all, Surface products of the second generation had spec bumps historically. The Surface Pro 2, Surface Book 2, and Surface Laptop 2 were the case. The Surface Go 2 featured a bigger monitor — and even Surface 2 had a better monitor than the notorious Superfacto RT are exceptions. With a better CPU, I’d anticipate Surface Pro X 2 to be the same appearance and experience as surface Pro X.

Surface Pro X on a hardwood table in black

You may recall that Surface Pro X with the Microsoft SQ2 CPU was upgraded last autumn. However, the Surface Pro X 2 was not reproduced even if it was also in new Platinum color. Even the SQ1 to SQ2 increase was that little. Geekbench’s single-core results in my tests went from 766 to 794, with multi-core scores jumping from 2.946 to 3.036.

the greater change will be the Microsoft SQ3. But there is nothing on which an SQ3 may be based, as I mentioned previously. Therefore this is not why I expect to see this product this year. For the Microsoft SQ3, we will require Qualcomm to release the Snapdragon 8cx Gen 3 processor, which will not happen until this December’s Snapdragon Technology Summit.

The Snapdragon 8cx Gen 2 differed from the original with a speed of 150MHz. Qualcomm claimed it is because it tried to shorten the period between the announcement of a chipset and the time it landed in goods you can buy. The Snapdragon 8cx was first published in December 2018

. However, it was not shipped until early 2020 by the Samsung Galaxy Book S – the first laptop to operate. Early this November 2019, the Surface Pro X, which featured the amended 8cx called the SQ1, was released.

Top-down Platinum Surface Pro X

We may infer that we won’t have to wait as long between the announcement of the 

Because of this shift in strategy, the Snapdragon 8cx Gen 3 has begun to launch.

Changed Words

Structural Changes

Longest Unchanged Words

. Naturally, this means less time from the time of announcement and the moment of modification in the Microsoft SQ3. Of course, Microsoft can potentially launch an SQ3 before Qualcomm releases the 8cx Gen 3, as the company’s two collaboration on both devices is so tightly connected.

Qualcomm has a rather interesting path. The samples of entirely customized chips utilizing technologies from their acquisition in Nuvia should commence at the end of 2022 after the Snapdragon’s 8cx Gen 3. It will then try to compete with Apple Silicon, something the San Diego Company struggles to achieve.


Because of Microsoft’s reluctance to embrace new technology, I’m almost afraid to suggest that, but we should expect 5G in Surface Pro X 2. Integrated cellular connectivity would be one of the Windows value indicators for ARM even if many firms choose instead for Wi-Fi-only versions. But the Surface Pro X is included with 4G LTE, whichever device you choose, which is fantastic.

The 8cx Gen 3 of the Snapdragon should include an integrated 5G modem instead of the first and second versions of the SoC. The Microsoft SQ3 should transfer to 5G. It’s speculation if it supports mmWave or only sub-6GHz bands.

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Surface Pro X 2: what are we looking for?

Surface Pro X 2

We all know that Microsoft is the only PC OEM to provide Thunderbolt-free premium intelligent PCs. It is time, yeah. And yes. Years ago was the time. But just now, we speak of an ARM-powered PC. Thunderbolt was never a Qualcomm-powered PC, and if there was an AMD-powered one, I couldn’t. The only non-Intel goods I have ever seen come from a company called Apple, Thunderbolt.

Surface Pro X Lateral View in Platinum

I know that the Surface Pro X will still not compete with fully custom silicone from Apple this year. That’s all right. Thunderbolt, however, let’s view it. USB 4.0 enables data transmission rates of 40Gbps. Depending on the chipset limit, you can utilize it for connecting twin 4Kor an 8K display (Apple supports one external monitor, up to 6K). Without native drivers, external GPU support is doubtful, but you would have access to various Thunderbolt devices on the market.

But Apple does not make use of Thunderbolt. I’ve seen Macs on USB Type-C, Thunderbolt, and some other stuff ahead of Surface for years now. Let us quit looking at Apple for the extra miles from the sidelines.

A high rate of refreshment

The iPad of Apple provides a 120Hz ProMotion display which is rather excellent. Let’s put on the Surface Pro X 2 something like that. I’d want to see a solid PC-mobile distinction from the Windows ecosystem removed to get a little further into that. A significant example is how any premium smartphone has a high refresh rate, yet that is seen as a gaming feature in the PC sector. That high level of refreshment will make compromises to improve gaming performance.

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Surface Pro X in black with a plied keyboard.

For Surface Pro X 2, this is not only a chance. Improved cameras are something we need all over the place. The Surface Pro X already includes a 1080p video front 5MP camera. Most FHD webcams are in Microsoft’s range, but you can still get a $300 phone with a better quality front camera.

Various hues

Microsoft announced the first Surface Pro X in black rather than as the most conventional Platinum color known for Surface. The Platinum variant arrived later. However, the Surface Pro X is aluminum, while the Intel-powered model is built of magnesium. It should be noted. For this reason, Pro X is smaller while still weighing the same; aluminum is heavier.

Surface Pro X in platinum in the lower view

Surface Pro X 2

Aluminum can also be anodized simpler so that it may be manufactured more readily in various colors. Of course, the Surface Laptop is the finest example. While the Surface Laptop 4 comes in subtler hues today (we can pretend that it didn’t occur in graphite gold), it was first released in colors like the bright and stunning cobalt blue and burgundy. We received Black, Sandstone, and Ice Blue with newer models.

In the Surface Pro X 2, I would love to see some of these hues. I do not know that I’m a designer; I don’t know if brighter colors on the Surface Laptop looked so lovely or the more delicate colors that may appear better on a Windows tablet. I don’t want to fall back again on “Apple does,” but Apple does, honestly.

I wanted to add Thunderbolt to my wish list because it is one of the most incredible things. But there’s a greater rate of refresh and various hues. And while this may appear trivial, I aim to offer this new software with Android compatibility, something that comes in Windows 11 but not on launch. I would appreciate a quieter keyboard and touchpad as well.

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