5 Best places to Find Used Laptops at a Low Price

Used Laptops are always a good alternative when you want to save some money for other personal needs but how do you find the best affordable used laptop that you can buy? There are countless online shopping malls that you can use to find the best offer on used laptop computers.

There are general reasons why people choose to for used laptops instead of new ones. The main explanation is that a new laptop is just too costly unreachable for some users, hence they chose to go for used one laptop. If you aim to find a low-cost laptop, then keep reading to learn how to go about it. I will explain 5 ways to find the right laptop to fit your needs and an as well your budgets.

5 Best places to Find Used Laptops at a Low Price
Used Laptops

Is used Laptop worth buying?

Before guiding you through the process, Let me ask you this question, are you worried that you should have opted for a new Laptop instead of the used one. Well, you are not wrong if you feel that way and without a doubt, it would have been better if you can afford a new one.

However, there is nothing wrong with buying a used laptop, the term USED doesn't mean that the laptop is fake or not functional, in fact in most cases you might find it hard to differentiate used from new ones. Going for a used Laptop is the best option for those who wish to save some money for other things.

Things you must consider or look out for

You will be 100% safe if you follow the right process because buying something that someone else have used before you requires extra measures to be on a safer side.

Buy from a reliable source: The main purpose of this post is to guide you on how to find used Laptops at a Low Price so I am not only going to guide you on how to find affordable ones but will as well show you where you can buy them. The worst mistake you can make is sourcing a used laptop from an unreliable source. The benefit of buying from a reliable source includes:

  • You will shop with confidence without any fear of being scammed.
  • The opportunity to return it free of charge when you are cheated and given a fake or damaged laptop
  • You will have the exact specifications on the product as advertised
  • You will be treated with respect by professional customer care support agents.

Check the product specifications thoroughly: The be too excited and carried away by the awesome look of the laptop without thoroughly checking out the full specifications to avoid unnecessary dispute when the item arrives, You can even take the screenshot of the product listing page as proof in case if the seller denies what he or she listed on the product specification page.

Have a clear picture of what you want: what are the features you need to have in your laptop, let remind you that when it comes to any device's specifications, it has nothing to do with being new or used. the features seen on a new laptop can as well be seen on a used one. Logically, the said used laptop was once a new one.

For instance, you might desire to have a laptop with a long-lasting battery, 4-8GB RAM, 500-1TB storage memory, and a minimum of a 15.6-inch display. While searching makes sure you go for what you want to avoid regretting it later.

Go through the user's review: This is the most important thing you must do before buying a used laptop, other people have already bought the laptop you intend to buy and they have already shared their views about the laptop. going through it will definitely reveal everything you need to know about the device. If the majority of the users give a positive review and rating then you are free to go ahead and order it.

Price of Used Laptops

Well, before going for a used laptop, you must have a budget but the price of a used laptop just like the new one solely depends on the brands and specification. However, an average laptop with a 55.6-inch display, 4GB RAM, 500GB SSD can go between $140- $500.

The configuration and the software version installed also determines the price, things like graphic memory, intel versions such as Celeron, i3, i5, and i7 or are determinants of the price. So, it all depends on what you want. Memory storage type and capacity are also among the things that determine the price. As I said anything between $140 - $500 can get you a nice used laptop with great features.

Where and how to find Used Laptops at a Low Price

Apple used Laptops

Now let get to work and find that great laptop with amazing features and most importantly at an affordable price. The 5 online shopping malls that am going to list are the best place you can find both new and used laptops.

#1. Amazon.com

If you don't know this most popular online shopping mall in the world, then it means you have not been on the internet for a long time or probably for once. Amazon is the best place your can go to find varieties of a used laptop of any type.

However, Amazon gives you the list of a used and new laptops that can help you compare the price and decide whether to add extra cash for the new one or proceed with the original plan of getting the used laptop. Being one of the most popular online shopping malls you can easily find hundreds and thousands of reviews from real users which gives you insight into the product you wish to buy. I do not doubt that you will find an affordable used laptop from Amazon.

#2. Overstock.com

Overstock.com is another place to look for cheap used laptops. While it won't have a large range of products as Amazon or Craig's List, and possibly even less than eBay, it's still a good place to start. It doesn't hurt to search because you could find something you didn't see on any of the other pages.

#3. eBay.com

Getting on the Internet and starting your research should be the first thing to do when looking for a used laptop. eBay is another world's biggest online shopping mall where you can find visually everything you need. I guess the name eBay doesn't sound strange because they are very popular that everyone knows them

eBay is an auction e-commerce website where you can place bids on products. It's also a good place to look for unusual things like a slice of toast with a religious symbol burnt into it or a screenshot from Elvis Presley's sideburns. However, it's also a great place to find low-cost used appliances, such as laptops, smartphones, etc.

#4. Craig’s List

Craig's List is a good place to start your search for a used product like a laptop. In its apparent simplicity, this website resembles the classified section of a newspaper. But don't be fooled by its simplicity. You'll find a large number of used laptops if you look for a used laptop.

You can also search by place to find something close to your location, or you can broaden your search to include other regions. One disadvantage of Craig's List is that it does not have a seller's rating, so be cautious. Sticking to local purchases, where you can potentially interact with the seller face to face, is one way to avoid being scammed.

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#5. Offline free Listing platform

You are not limited to using the Internet to conduct your search. You may also do some offline testing. Look at the local product listing website in your location to see what you can find. Some people choose to sell their old computers by putting classified ads in the classified ads listing websites, so you might be shocked by what you find.

Finally, never buy a used laptop from an unknown seller from any website apart from some trusted websites like Amazon, eBay which protects you from scammers. shopping on those platforms allows you to return a damaged product. Even when the product is not as advertised you can return it within a certain period of time.

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