Best 10 Watts Solar & Inverter Fan by Cloud Energy

Here comes the new 10 watts energy saving standing fan by Cloud Energy designed for solar/Inverter users, prepaid meter users, and anyone who wishes to have a fan that consumes lesser energy.

Some of my readers have been asking me for any affordable solar and inverter standing fan but the one I introduced to them quickly went out of stock but I have good news to those who still need a DC standing fan.

cloud-energy-fan solar and inverter energy saver standing fan

Permit me to introduce to you this awesome standing fan designed for solar and inverter users. The fan is called Cloud Energy Solar DC Fan, it comes with an Adapter and requires as little as 10 watts to work. This fan is one of the best DC fans I have seen and I will explain why you need it.

Cloud Energy 10W Solar AC/DC Fan

Cloud Energy’s 10W Solar DC fan is not just any fan but a powerful, energy-saving standing fan with long blades designed for the Nigerian market to deliver strong and fresh air. The DC fan has an adjustable height of up to 16inch and is to be used indoors in places like homes, offices, shops, and so on. The fan comes with an integrated LED indicator light with a nice body color that adds more beauty to your home. This product is compatible with any Solar / Inverter systems.

If you a solar system like MTN Lumos solar system then you need this fan that consumes far lesser energy compared to normal AC powered standing fans. I personally use MTN solar and with this energy-saving DC fan, you will enjoy 24 hours of fresh air.

Price of 10w Cloud Energy Solar AC/DC Fan

This fan is going between ₦ 16,900 – ₦ 22,000.  Trust me it worth the price if you know the type of fan we are talking about, It’s DC fan and not the popular AC fans. If you want to know the difference or why you should go for it then keep reading.

You can grab one from Jumia [ here ] while it still available

Why you should go for Cloud Energy 10W Solar DC Fan

If you have a solar or Inverter system but needs a fan that doesn’t consume much energy then this fan is for you. The good news is, even if you don’t have solar energy or an Inverter you can still use this fan to save electric bills.

Most of the bulbs we use at home are between 40 to 200 watts but this fan is only 10 watts imaging the amount of money you will be saving from electric bills especially when you use a prepared meter.

600% Energy-saving

A normal standing fan requires between 45 to 80 watts to work but this fan only needs 10 watts which is lesser than what most light bulbs consume. interestingly, using lesser energy doesn’t compromise its performance. The fan has long 3 blades ready to deliver extra cool air when you want and how you want.

Can I use this Fan if I don’t have Solar or inverter

This question might be running in your head right now especially if you don’t have a solar or an inverter system but the answer is “YES” anyone can buy and use this fan but the people that will benefit most are those using prepaid meters and those who have solar or an inverter. Then if you have MTN Yellow Box it is a must to have this fan if you want to enjoy the MTN mobile solar system.

In case you don’t understand what is solar energy or inverter,  read this post below.


If you can afford this fan go for it especially if you use MTN yellow box, have any other solar or an inverter power system. If you use prepaid meter also go for it. Say goodbye to those outdated fans that consume more energy and go for the one that uses lesser energy but delivers extra cool air. The name is Cloud Energy Solar DC Fan



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