Gotv subscription packages and price

Do you own a GOtv and wish to find out the subscription price and channel lists, if the answer is yes then you are just right on time at the right place because I am prepared to share all GOtv subscription details.

The African No: 1 cable tv provider GOtv owned by multichoice popular known as Dstv offers you varieties of entertainment, news, culture, movies, sports, and children channels across 9 African countries.

GOtv subscription price and packages in Ghana, Kenya, Malawi and Nigeria

GOtv currently operates in the following Africa countries:

  • Ghana
  • Kenya
  • Malawi
  • Mozambique
  • Namibia
  • Nigeria
  • Rwanda
  • Uganda
  • Zambia

Moreover, I am going to share all the GOtv subscription price and packages in some African countries like Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, and Malawi, at least you now know what this post is all about but remember both DStv and GOtv is owned by Multichoice.


Multichoice is a South Africa owned entertainment company that creates and secure the rights to amazing content from all over the world, delivering their services through their Direct To Home, Digital Terrestrial Television and online video-entertainment services.

DStv VS GOtv

You might be confused about DStv and GOtv but you don’t need to be, as I said earlier, both DStv and GOtv are owned by a South African company called Multichoice, the major difference between the two services is that DSTV is a digital satellite television service that requires a satellite dish and compatible decoders to receive TV stations while on the other hand, GOTV is a terrestrial TV service that does not require a satellite dish to work.

GOtv Ghana Subscription and price

Ghana is one of the African countries that enjoy GOtv product and services at an affordable price, There are 4 main subscription packages namely.

  • GOtv Lite
  • Value
  • GOtv Plus and Max.
GOtv Packages Subscription Price Number of Channels
GOtv Lite GHS 9 per month
GHS 20 every 3 months
GHS 48 every 12 months
23 Channels
GOtv Value GHS 18 per month 27 Channels
GOtv Plus GHS 35 per month 44 Channels
GOtv Max  GHS 60 per month 49 Channels

I just wrote the number of the channels included in any package you choose but if you are interested to see the channels you can visit GOtv official website here

GOtv Kenya Subscription and price

There are no additional packages based on countries but they offer the same 4 plans in all the 9 African countries. Lite, Value, Plus, and Max.


GOtv Packages Subscription Price Number of Channels
GOtv Lite KES 260 Per month
KES 590 Every 3 months
KES 1500 Per Year
17 Channels
GOtv Value KES 499 Per Month 23 Channels
GOtv Plus KES 749 Per Month 40 Channels
GOtv Max KES 999 Per Month 49 Channels

GOtv Malawi Subscription and price

There is no GOtv Lite package in Malawi but only have Value, Plus and Max plan.

GOtv Packages Subscription Price Number of Channels
GOtv Value MWK 4,250 Per Month 33 Channels
GOtv Plus MWK 7,950 Per Month 32 Channels
GOtv Max MWK 11,900 Per Month 43 Channels

Read: GOtv customer care support (Email and Phone)

GOtv Nigeria Subscription and price

Nigeria is no doubt the biggest black African nation with the highest GOtv subscribers. There are 4 different packages as usual, GOtv Lite, Value, Plus, and Max.

GOtv Packages Subscription Price Number of Channels
GOtv Lite NGN 400 per month
NGN 1,050 every 3 months
NGN 3,100 every 12 months
25 Channels
GOtv Value NGN 1,250 per month 40 Channels
GOtv Plus NGN 1,900 per month 67 Channels
GOtv Max NGN 3,200 per month 75 Channels

Finally, I believe you have gotten what you are looking for but in case you have any question regarding GOtv subscriptions price and packages feel free to ask.


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