Leagoo recently shows their most recent Android smartphone called XRover that looks strong and rugged, according to them, the XRover Rugged Phone can bear the crash of a car while also pointing out that it was built with waterproof and drop resistant.

Leagoo XRover Rugged Phone specs, review and price

This post will help you find out more about the new XRover smartphone as I am prepared to show you everything you need to know about the smartphone and am sure that Leagoo brand doesn’t appear strange or new to you because they have been there for sometimes and have released a couple of smartphones available on Jumia, you can also check out my Leagoo phone smartphone reviews here

Before we proceed to the specifications of this rugged smartphone I will like us to check some few things that made it unique and special.

Strong and unbreakable

Leagoo xrover smartphone body build

One of the things that made XRover special is that it was built to last as the company claims that their new XRover Rugged Phone is unbreakable and can bear the crash of a car.

To prove their claim of being able to bear the crash of a car, there is this photo showing that LEAGOO XRover is tough enough to withstand the crash of the heavy LAND ROVER SUV

Leagoo Xrover rugged strong smartphone

Waterproof And Drop Resistant

The well built XRover rugged smartphone is not only strong but as well comes with a tightly sealed body that allows for depth of immersion for at least 30 minutes.

Lagoo Xrover waterproof smartphne

With all these claims and prove its now clear that the new XRover is rugged, strong and smarter as the company also claims that the phone can stay safe and sound even been dropped from a height of 6.5 feet which is wonderful.

Leagoo XRover Rugged Features

You have seen the things that made this smartphone special which was all about how the phone is built but now we need to check the features and functionalities.

With all the information I have guarded about this phone I can say that I am proud and happy about the phone its well built and as well comes with outstanding features.

Specs Overview

The rugged smartphone features 5.72″ HD+ IPS display, 1440 x 720pixels resolutions and 260ppi Pixel density designed for the best visual experience.

Leagoo XRover comes with a customized LEAGOO OS5.0, based on Android 8.1 operating system optimized with MT6763 Octa-core 2.0GHz processor built for speed and stability.

XRover boost of 6GB Random Access Memory (RAM) and up to 64/128GB internal storage memory that can still be extended with the help of microSD cards which is huge and interesting.

Just like every other modern smartphone, we have Dual 13-megapixel & 5-megapixel back camera that support Dual Flash and 8MP front selfie camera that gives you all you need to capture that great moment and events in a grand style.