Padking Pro Tablet Review, Specs & Price

Padking Pro Tablet is a great and affordable Android tablet packed with outstanding features such as 10.1 inch HD display, 3GB RAM, + 32GB RAM, Android 7.0 OS, 4G network, Dual Sim and strong 6500 mAh battery capacity.

Padking Pro Tablet

I have taken some time to analyze the features and functionalities of Padking Pro Tablet and if you really want to buy a tablet phone then don’t fail to go for this Tablet because it looks great and equipped with lots of features that you will surely love and most importantly is not that expensive to buy.

Padking Pro Tablet Review

To know more about this Tablet we are going to discuss in detail about its key features and functionalities that will help you decide whether to go for it or not.


Padking Pro Tablet is designed to give you the best visual experience following its 10.1 inch high definition view and 1280×800 resolution that not only gives you the best viewing experience but more fun when browsing, watching videos and when playing games.

Operating System

Padking Pro is built-on Android 7.0 operating system clocked with 1.6ghz Quad Core processor which gives you the best speed and stability you need while allowing you to explore and enjoy all the Android features and full access to unlimited apps and games.


You have nothing to worry about when it comes to memory because Padking Pro is fully equipped with sufficient memory as it comes with 3GB of Random Access Memory (RAM) and 32GB built-in storage memory which should be enough for whatever reason you need to Tablet for.


Tablet phones are not always great when it comes to the camera but still, Padking Pro Tablets gives you 5MP back main camera and 2MP front camera which might not be the best quality but can still be able to give you some great videos and images.


Battery capacity is the first thing to check when looking for a good smartphone, Laptops and tablets because no matter how good the gadget looks like without strong sustainable battery then you are still in a great trouble but Padking Pro Tablet is designed with you in mind as it comes with an amazing 6500 mAh battery capacity that will surely last for many days and hours.

Other interesting features include 4G Network, FM Radio Bluetooth, Wifi and has the capacity to make and receive calls just like normal smartphones.

Padking Pro Tablet Key Features

Model Name Padking Pro
Screen Size 10.1 inch Touch Display
OS Android 7.0
Processor Quad-core 1.6 GHz
Camera Resolution 5MP Rear, 2MP Front Camera
Battery 6500 mAh battery capacity
SIM Dual Sim

Price and Availability

Padking Pro is currently available and up for grab at the rate of  ₦34,999 presently on Jumia but remember the price is subjected to change anything 

Where to Buy Padking Pro Tablet

Konga– See Offers

Gearbest – See Offers

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Full Specifications

Dimension 220 x 161 x 8 mm
SIM Dual Sim
Sensor g-sensor
Type IPS display
Screen Resolution 1280×800
Multi-Touch Yes
OS Android 7.0 Nougat
Chipset MTK6580
CPU Quad-core 1.6 GHz
Internal Storage 32GB
Card Slot Yes Up to 64GB
Primary 5 MP, LED flash
Flash Yes
Secondary 2 MP
Flash No
Capacity 6500 mAh
Type Li-Ion battery
OTG Support
Fast Charging
WLAN Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n
Network GSM850/900 4G LTE
Bluetooth Yes
USB MicroUSB 2.0
Loudspeaker Yes
Speaker & Audio Jack 3.5mm
Messaging SMS, MMS, Email, Push Mail, IM
Browser HTML5
Colors Black, Silver

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  2. Hey man. Thanks for the review.
    I’m thinking of getting this tablet myself as well.
    I’m just trying to be careful it isn’t a knockoff like some ‘China’ androids, if you know what I mean.

  3. And the 4GB RAM 32GB Hdd, 7.9, 4G, 8000mah battery version is available now and on Promo N34000, with free pouch, stylus pen and screen wipe. Cash on delivery Nationwide, You can reach us on 08067631085, Please remember to mention that you are coming from Collins Everest. Thanks.

  4. This device is fake and my review probably won’t be approved. The 4G is fake. Its actually 3G. It displays 4G to decieve. I know this cos I upgraded my airtel sim and the 4gig I was given didn’t work and I couldn’t browse with it. The battery ain’t 6500maH. Its most likely 2000maH. Doesn’t last. Memory capacity isn’t 32gig, its actually lesser, its more like 16gig. You will see 32gig as space but when you start transferring files to the pad, ones u reach 16gig, nothing more will transfer. I called their office to complain and relay my observations, Instantly, the guy that picked up said he will call me back, its been over a 2weeks now. My advice, don’t buy.

    1. Sorry for such a bad experience but I assure you that I will personally verify your claim because I have direct contact with them.

      I will as well ask them to respond to your comment to either prove you right or wrong

      1. When you dont know something why not ask question instead of saying what you dont understand.

        First the reason your Airtel network did not browse was not because the tab is not 4G, the tab is 4G as hundreds of those have bought can testify. The reason you could not browse was because you needed to change your OTS. After Zain changed to Airtel it is not all the time that the devices pick it up the new OTS.. What you should have done is simple. Go to your network settings and change the OTS from zain ng to Airtel that would have solved that, but since you have made up your mind based on your ignorance you could not even ask for assistance even though you can reach our customer care line.

        Battery. Look at how you are displaying your … Have you ever seen a 10.1 inch tab with 2000mah battery before? Even NoKia touch is the battery 2000mah?, can a 10.1 inch with this kind of battery last for 30 mins?

        Even our 7 inch tab, the battery is 3500mah. It could still be possible that you had an issue with your battery am not disputing that, as among hundreds of pieces that came in, there could be one or two with minor issues, but this your claim that the tab is 2000mah is a simple malicious comment and its not true. the battery is 8000mah, if you have an issue dall the customer care.

        The tab has 32Gb storage and that is what it is. If you have an issue please call the customer care someone should respond to you, you said you called and they promised calling you back, sorry about that, but you should have done a reminder or even an SMS reminder but you choose not to do that but to come here and give a bad review.

        Well, I hope you will learn to rake the right action when you have an issue than to say things that are not true or based on your ignorance of the working of the system.

        Have a nice day.

  5. In as much as I will not like to portray the Padking Pro X as fake, I have issue with the screen not being glass and the display quality is very poor, is it truly 1280 X 800? Mr Collins did you operate the phone, did you confirm those specs by operating it or you did your review based on what you saw online. I had expected you did talk about the plastic screen which scratches easily and the poor display. Though it’s a cheap device but providing the true specifications of the tab will give buyers choice to buy or not.

    1. I am sorry for whatever problem you might be facing with your Padking Tab but the truth is that I review some gadgets like smartphones, Tablet, Laptops etc based the information provided by the producers, on the other hand, I normally buy and use some of them before the review but no review blog can be able to buy and use all the gadgets before reviewing it but let me guide you a bit.

      When looking for an affordable product don’t expect it to be perfect and you should also know that 35k Tablet will not be of the same quality with a 65K or 200k+ Tablets.


  6. Thanks Mr Collins, I wasn’t expecting much from the tab but I am saying let buyers know the true specifications of the tab. Most buyers will expect a glass screen not the plastic screen that scratches easily then the screen resolution was stated as 1280 X 800 and I downloaded a Screen Resolution Pro which revealed the true resolution of the Padking Pro X as 1280 X 737 and not the 1280 X 800 stated in the specifications. I know it’s a cheap tab but let the necessary information and the true specifications about the product be stated so it can guide the buyers. Thanks for your response.

      1. Having used the Padking Pro X 10.1 for roughly four months CAREFULLY, emphasis on the word ‘carefully’, I believe and I’m definitely convinced that this tab is a knock-off. I wouldn’t say it’s fake, rather, there are so many dishonesty attached to it.

        Trickery, is the word.
        Before I begin, let me say that I’ve been in the tech-know-how for a long time. So I’m not just talking gibberish.

        One. This tab is supposed to be 32gb in ROM size.
        Yes, I know it’s showing 32gb in the file manager and settings, but truthfully, it is not. It is about 16gb, of which 10gb is usable (just like other Elkhart 16gb phones).
        I work with computer graphics and large file documents, which is one of the reasons I got the tab, because of the presumed large size. I transferred files and documents totaling a size of 16gb into it, only for all of them not to enter
        I had to delete some files to allow some others to enter.
        But once it gets to about 10gb, it stops accepting files into it.
        I’ve had to buy an extra memory card to suffice for it, which isn’t fine at all.
        Because to me there’s only one observable cause here, and that is the internal memory is bloated. It isn’t up to the size is supposed to be.
        I’ve had this similar problem with some memory cards and stuff in the past. They’ll say it’s 16gb, only for it to be able to accept just 8gb files.
        (Hint: One good way to test the size of any memory card and its manufacturer details is by installing SD Insight app on your phone. It has saved me so many times from fake/knockoff cards. That’s by the way)

        Two. Battery capacity isn’t 8,000mah
        I asked sincerely before I ordered the tab online if it was really 8000mah. They said YES, emphatically. Well, I still had my doubts.
        I put the tab to the test when I got it.
        I let it charge to 100% and let it work, with standby mode. It didn’t last as what an 8000mah capacity is supposed to last.

        It didn’t even last up to half my phone’s of 4000mah. If for anything, an 8000mah tab ought to last at least 16 hours. I don’t expect it to last up to that of a 5.5in display phone of 4000mah (like my Infinix Hot 4). I believe that at least an 8000mah capacity battery should last up to one full day, on standby mode for that matter. One could argue that the screen is way bigger, 10 inch. True. But isn’t that why it was supposed to come with exactly 8000mah, double the capacity of the Infinix Hot 4 battery? It’s suppose to complement. Well…

        Note: I hadn’t installed any app on it or put in a sim card during this test.

        Three. It’s 4gb RAM, right? So they said.
        But the processor? Damn! In fact, you don’t want to use the tab with the internet connectivity on. It heats up, slows down, and the CPU is ‘filled up’ already.
        I don’t think I need to speak much on this RAM thing. I can’t even multitask successfully without having to shut down some apps (while of course the battery drains like someone slurping sweet spaghetti).

        Four. 4G. It’s not. That’s just it.
        I read above a comment of someone complaining that it’s not 4G, and apparently got a reply that he didn’t change something like that. Lol. Well, the simple truth is that it is not. There’s no point going into details about the intricacies of discovering how it is not, but the tab had been engineered, in its software, to display 4G (just like the other specifications it claimed to possess).

        Five. Plastic screen.
        This one is just horrible. From the very first day I got it, it has been accumulating scratches like something Godzilla was operating. Merely using the stylus gives it unlimited scratches, let alone covering it with the pouch. Fortunately, I can’t complain about this because I didn’t bother to check about the screen material before buying. So, that’s on me.

        After all these, I installed a third party app, CPU Test, to test all my observations. And of course, my suspicions were totally undisputed. All, ALL, the specifications were bloated. I filed a complaint with their agent I got the in contact with, sent him a screenshot, and behold, what I got sounded more like a threat than a statement:
        “Be careful with what you are doing with this tab if you blow it with malicious sites and App warranty will not cover it. Have a nice day.”

        Maybe it’s just in my head that it’s sounding like a threat, but I’d rather you read the above and judge yourself.
        I even had a chat about how the thing isn’t what it claims to be, and of course, I got the usual “We’ll get back to you later.” I didn’t expect a feedback.

        Truth is that it doesn’t really take a study of rocket science to know that the specifications of the tab are not real. And it might be easier to con a tech novice than someone who’s been using tech all his life. My only regret is that I wasn’t able to go to their days address in Port Harcourt to test before buying, as I live in Lagos and literally had no one over there to check it out.

        All in all, I guess this is a case of “Caveat emptor”, or in English, “Let the buyer beware”, and even though the Padking organization didn’t keep to its end of the bargain, there’s a lot of misinformation in their content.

        My candid advice: Please, Padking, put up the original specifications, like the guy above suggested. Let the buyers know what they’re getting. You might think you’re going to get more customers by putting up wrong information, but eventually you might end up getting a lot of lawsuit instead.

        1. Thanks for this, it’s important to know the truth and I have no reason to promote such product again if they can’t be sincere with their product specifications

          You will not equally blame me because I cannot buy all the gadget I review to test the real specifications but only work based on the official specification presented.

          Thanks once again.

  7. The tab is nothing near the specs given. I bought the tab and discovered it has been programmed to display 4G for both sims while it is 3G/2G for sim 1/2 if you check the cellular info displayed under about tablet in settings. It is not even up to 16Gb of internal memory despite being programmed to display 32Gb not to even mention the battery. Sent the office a message through the guy I bought it from and all he said was he would relate it to their engineers as if he was not aware of it. Phone is cool though but they should just be honest and they could be sued for tricking people by giving out wrong info.

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