Battery Occasionally stops charging and how to fix it

Does your phone occasionally stop charging before it reaches 100%, if yes then you are at the right place at the right time because I will teach the causes and possible solutions on how to make your smartphone charge upto100% if it suddenly stops charging without reaching the 100% charge?

There are few reasons why your phone might occasionally stop charging before reaching 100% full battery charge and I will list those reasons and possible solutions to your phone charging problem.

Phone battery charging problems and solutions

Phone Battery

Without wasting much of our time let us take a look at the major phone battery charging problems especially when a phone suddenly stops charging while not yet fully charged.


Yes, the temperature can contribute to your phone charging problems making it stop charging without being fully charged because some smartphone has what we called charging protection enabled to protect your mobile phone from unpleasant low or high temperature.


Battery charging protection is enabled to ensure the battery performs optimally and safely, to continue charging your phone at normal speeds up to 100% then move your phone to a room-temperature environment and you will see the phone charging the way it should.

– Damaged or Weak Battery

I don’t know how long you have bought and used your phone and normally your phone battery might get weak and needs a replacement because it lacking the power to perform physically demanding tasks


Since the battery is weak and can’t charge up to 100% due to its weakness the best option to replace the battery with originally recommended batteries, if the phone comes with birth-in not-removable batteries then you might need to take your phone to a qualified phone technician to replace the battery for you.

Battery not connected properly

It’s possible that your phone battery is missing some connections and not properly linked to the terminals as required for it to work properly.


I believe that once you developed a charging fault the first to do is to follow the first solution provided above to see if the problem is caused by low or high temperature but when temperature is not the case then you need to take it to a qualified near-by phone technician to ascertain the cause of the problem and if the phone is not properly linked to the terminals he will help you to fix it and if the battery needs to be replaced he will equally do it for you.

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