How and Where to find the IMEI number of your Phone

Here is a guild on how and where you can easily find your phone IMEI number, in full meaning it means "International Mobile Equipment Identity" every mobile phone has its own unique International Mobile Equipment Identity abbreviated as "IMEI".

You might wish to know the IMEI number of your smartphone for so many reasons but for whatever reason you wish to know your phone IMEI, I will surely guide you on how to find your phone IMEI number.

There is 3 major way to find your phone IMEI number and I will it's them below to know the one that is more convenient to you.

how to find phone IMEI number
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1. Dial *#06#

To find your phone unique International Mobile Equipment Identity simply dial the above numbers on your phone and you will see the 15digit IMEI numbers and that is your phone IMEI number.

Some smartphones might have 2 different unique IMEI numbers so don't worry both of them can be used because they are all linked to the phone.

2. Open your phone battery cover

You can see your phone IMEI numbers by opening the back battery cover of your phone but for some sealed phones the best alternative is to follow the number steps by dialing *#06#

3. Go to your Phone settings

You can also find your smartphone IMEI numbers by navigating to your phone menu settings for Android phones than on your phone choose about a phone, select status and choose IMEI information to see more information about your phone IMEI.

Hope you have found what you are looking for but in case you are not satisfied, feel free to comment for more guide, also remember to share this post because sharing is love.

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