Oraimo Smart Watch Silver Edition Review & Price

Let me introduce this amazing Oraimo Smart Watch Silver Edition equipped with a 1.69” IPS Screen and IP68 Waterproof features. If you are thinking of getting a smartwatch to help you control things on your wrist, look no further. This new Oraimo Smart Watch is loaded with amazing features, which I will share with you.

Oraimo has become a brand that stands out when it comes to mobile phone accessories in Nigeria, they have gained trust, and many Nigerians don’t doubt their product quality. Besides smartwatches, Oraimo specializes in original mobile phone charges, wired and wireless earphones, mp3 players, and many more.

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Oraimo Smart Watch Silver Edition Review

If you are seriously considering buying this amazing smartwatch, then you must be interested to know the features and functionalities that come with it. So without wasting much of your time, below are the key features of the Oraimo Smart Watch Silver Edition.

Oraimo smartwatch Key Features

  • Upgraded Wireless Tech
  • Anytime, All The Time
  • Female Health Tracking
  • Heart rate alerts
  • Stronger Heart Rate Sensor
  • APP to Push You Further
  • Ultimate Comfort On Your Wrist
  • Fresh Face, Every Day
  • Beauty to Match
  • Raise Your Wrist to Connect

Oraimo Smart Watch Price

This Oraimo Smart Watch Silver Edition is not as cheap as other brands, but the quality is awesome. To get this smartwatch, you should be budgeting between N16,000 – N19,000 which differs from store to store.

Oraimo Smart Watch Silver Edition

Oraimo smart watch


  • Color: Silver
  • Screen: 1.69″ IPS 240*280
  • BT Version: V5.0
  • Cell Capacity: 200mAh
  • Standby Time: Up to 15 days
  • Watch Size: 43*35*9.95mm
  • Weight: 165g
  • Material: Zinc Alloy/PC/TPU
  • Waterproof Rating: IP68

Specs Overview

Display features

The 1.69-inch IPS display offers vivid colors, wider viewing angles, and a touch screen for easy navigation. The dual-curved glass body makes it easy on the eyes and the hands. The angle between edges of 60 degrees. Over the top: 80% The best screen-to-body ratio on the market. UX/UI Touch the whole interface with your finger to tap, push, or slide. The anti-oil and fingerprint nano-coating protect against fingerprints, other surface marks, and bacteria.

Easy connection

You have to raise your wrist to connect it to your phone, and you’ll have access to many additional features. Rather than pulling out your phone, you can just check your wrist to see if there are any new alerts and adjust the volume.

High-Quality Heart Rate Monitor
Enhanced LEDs and four photodiodes work with sophisticated AI algorithms to provide more accurate heart rate readings, especially for people with dark skin.

Rate-based warnings
Alarms that vibrate to alert you of an irregular heartbeat.
Detection of Wear
The heart rate sensor may only be used on the wrist to conserve power. Joywear 2 allows users to disable this feature in the app’s configuration.

Don’t Stand Still Count
Keeping tabs on your daily activity levels (steps, distance, active minutes, and calorie burn) is crucial. Stopwatches and timers may be used to keep track of your workout duration as you select from 13 different training modes and view your data in real-time.

Fresh Face, Every Day
Choose from the newest faces ever, or show off a snapshot from your phone’s album—for a face that’s as distinctive as your own.

Make the Most of Your Rest
It keeps track of your REM, NREM, and waking time so you can learn more about the quality of your sleep. The next morning, you’ll be able to face the world in a positive frame of mind and vibe.

Take the plunge, you’re free to do so
Don’t fret over the possibility of getting wet from rain or water splashes. Your watch is safe against dust, water, and splashes, thanks to its IP68 rating.

Maximum Relaxation For Your Wrist
The oraimo Watch is at home on the treadmill or at the dinner table. The combination of its featherweight and airy thinness makes it an item you won’t want to take off. The strap is made of a supple TPU that is gentle on the skin.

Harmony in appearance
As a result of the curved glass, there is no frame around the screen. The strap’s two-tone design—featuring an irregular diamond pattern—looks particularly high-end. In addition, the PET film used for the rear panel is embedded with the print using phone-grade workmanship, making it scratch-resistant and more glossy with repeated uses.

Motivational App to Help You Go Further
You may get a bird’s-eye view of things by pairing your watch with a free smartphone app that will allow you to create and track your progress toward your goals.

Monitoring Women’s Health
Using your watch and the accompanying app, keep tabs on your monthly cycle, monitor ovulation, set reminders, and learn more about your health. Setting the gender to female, turning on notifications, and synchronizing your watch via the Joywear 2 app are all prerequisites for using this feature.

Superior Wireless Innovations
The oraimo Watch is BT5.0 enabled, meaning it has a longer range (up to 66 feet), can transfer more data quicker, and uses less battery. Anytime, Anywhere Thanks to Power-Saving technology, the system may remain by your side for up to 15 days* on a single charge.

Oraimo Smart Watch Silver Edition Review
Oraimo Smart Watch Silver Edition Review
Oraimo Smart Watch Silver Edition price in Nigeria
Oraimo Smart Watch Silver Edition Review


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