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Comparing Oraimo Freepod 3 with the Apple Airpods 3 might not sound right to many users simply because an Apple product is seen as a premium device. In contrast, others are perceived as inferior to them. Well, what if this Oraimo Freepod 3, which costs around $29, offers the same features as the Apple Airpods 3 costs $178?

We will learn more about the features of these great earbuds with the best sound quality and features you can imagine.

Oraimo Freepod 3 VS Apple Airpods 3
Oraimo Freepod 3 VS Apple Airpods 3

We use earbuds everywhere: on the street, at work, at home, or at school. They’ve become a necessity. They’re virtually around. Tech enthusiasts now have new reasons to look forward to future innovations from Apple and oraimo. One can only wonder which device is better than the other, especially now that both legendary earbuds manufacturers have debuted 3rd models. Oraimo’s FreePods 3 and Apple’s AirPods 3 are side-by-side specs and functionalities.

Technological Innovations in ENC/ANC

The Noise Cancellation Technology in the AirPods series is one of the most popular features among earbuds users. On the other hand, the FreePods 3 from oraimo provides Environmental Noise Cancellation, allowing users to remain focused on the conversation or virtual conference. You have an option between ANC and ENC.


Using the AirPods 3, you can listen for up to six hours and converse for up to four. Battery life may be increased by up to 30 hours by charging the device for only five minutes and keeping four extra charges in the case. The oraimo FreePods 3 have an 8-hour battery life, with the case providing an additional 28 hours of listening time. The gadget has a 5.5-hour conversation time and 40 minutes of playing after just five minutes of charging.

With a Loud and Clear Voice

A beamforming microphone is one of three on each earbud of the AirPods 3. So far, beamforming microphones are the most incredible option for recording distinct and accurate sound from several simultaneous talkers. With 4-mic beamforming technology, the FreePods 3 is a serious contender to Apple’s newest earbuds. They keep tabs on your phone conversations and deliver crystal-clear audio as a result.

with a combination of anti-microbial and anti-dust properties

The AirPods 3 have an IPX4 dust, water, and sweat rating, whereas the oraimo FreePods 3 have IPX5 dust, water, and sweat rating. If you live in Nigeria, you’ll need this function whether or not you’re into working out. Living in Nigeria includes a lot of dust, rain, and sweat.

Earplugs with Rubber Tips

Third-generation AirPods offer a more flexible and comfortable earpiece than basic AirPods. The FreePods 3 include three sizes of silicone ear tips so that you can get the ideal fit every time. Because there are three sizes of earphones to choose from—small, medium, and large—you won’t have to stress about them slipping out.


With the oraimo FreePods 3, you can listen to music in two ways: awareness and bass. The ear tips of the FreePods 3 are soft and comfy so that you can go light or deep, depending on your mood. Compared to the AirPods 3, the FreePods 3 have a single pair with two distinct sizes, so the choice is yours.

FreePods 3 have a sleeker design than AirPods 3 and are powered by the same battery. The oraimo buds’ gold emblem and text shine out against the black background. While oraimo does not allow consumers to modify their AirPods 3’s case, Apple does. There is an option to engrave your phrases or writing on the AirPods 3 case, which is a stylish addition.

FeaturesOraimo Freepod 3Apple Airpods 3
Weight45.5 grams4.25 grams
Battery life (Earbuds)8 hours6 hours
Battery life (casing)28 hours24 hours
BluetoothBluetooth V5.2 Bluetooth V5.0
Noise CancellationENCANC
Microphones4 mic beamformingDual beamforming mic
Water & Sweat resistanceYes (IPX5)Yes (IPX4)
SensorIntuitive touch sensorSkin detector/force sensor
Insert WayIn-ear and half in-ear convertibleHalf in-ear
Top Pick
oraimo earbud

Key Features

  • One Pair, Two Different Fits
  • Massive 13mm Driver
  • Incredibly Powerful Bass
  • 8+28 Hrs Playtime
  • Environmental Noise Cancellation
  • IPX5 Water & Sweat Proof

Oraimo FreePods-3 2Baba Edition BT 5.2 Wireless Stereo Earbuds

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The AirPods 3 include Bluetooth V5.0 and a force sensor, while the oraimo FreePods 3 has Bluetooth V5.2 and 2Baba tuned deep bass. The 2Baba voice prompt is a big selling point for the oraimo FreePods 3, and it’s tailored specifically for Afrobeat. Heavy bass, the oraimo-exclusive mechanism for boosting the bass, has been introduced by the company for use in its audio devices.

They’ve worked with former Harman Kardon audio experts to provide the greatest possible sound quality. They produced the 2baba tuned version specifically for Afrobeat since they knew African people loved the bass.

Oraimo’s e-commerce shop continues to address the issue of providing customers in Nigeria and abroad with easy access to long-lasting intelligent accessories. The warranty services supplied by Carlcare in cooperation have proven to be valuable to some customers. Manifest is oraimo’s proprietary smart-charging technology, and it’s been included in the company’s power line.

AirPods 3 are more expensive than oraimo FreePods 3, although they have similar functional features. Except in the case of luxury or a statement of economic class, purchasing the most recent earbuds from oraimo makes more sense.

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