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When will Jumia Black Friday start this year (2021)? Excellent question. The Nigerian biggest online shopping mall Black Friday sale will begin in a few days. November 5th, to be precise, and will last through till November 30th, so get ready to shop and take advantage of Jumia Black Friday promotional offers.

That time you have all been waiting for has come, the Jumia’s biggest sale of the year is here once again, and it’s time to shop for Xmas. Shop for your kids, change your old smartphone, find everything on Jumia and even at a cheaper rate during this Black Friday promo.

However, I know that Jumia’s yearly Black Friday might not be new to you but what you don’t know is what Jumia has in store for you in this year’s Black Friday promo. Today I am going to explain everything you should know about Jumia Black Friday promo 2021.

Jumia Black Friday 2021

What is Jumia Black Friday?

Let me use this opportunity to tell you more about this online shopping mall. Jumia is the most prominent African online shipping mall where you can shop for everything and anything online, and it will be delivered to your doorstep.

Jumia is not the only trusted online shopping mall, but they are the biggest at the moment. They are already available in more than 11 African countries like:

Nigeria is undoubtedly the heart of Jumia because of the countries population. Moreover, we have other shopping malls, but none is on the same level as Jumia.

Jumia Black Friday, on the other hand, is Jumia’s biggest promo of the year that only happens at the end of every year, mainly between November to December. The promo gives you the best opportunity to buy whatever you desire on Jumia at a discounted rate of up to 20% to 75% off.

However, the Jumia Black Friday is not just about discounts. There are other special offers and exciting programs set to reward Jumia customers across Africa. Jumia always comes up with something new to reward and appreciate its customers for being part of its world.

Jumia Black Friday 2021 Promo and offers

Let me quickly tell you more about this year’s Jumia Black Friday, what to expect and how to seize the opportunity. Firstly, you can visit during the Black Friday promo to see if you can find a good deal, but you should focus your attention on other things. Below are the special offers and programs available on this year’s Jumia Black Friday promo.

Wheel of Fortune

Jumia Black Friday

Starting from November 5th, 2021, which is the starting date for Jumia Black Friday, you will have the opportunity to spin the Wheel of Fortune and stand a chance to win up to 30K Jumia Voucher that allows you to buy an item worth N30,000 without paying anything. Interesting right?

Well, there are more waiting for you. All you need to do is download Jumia mobile app and spin the wheel of fortune daily free of charge to see if your luck shines during this year’s Jumia Black Friday.

Take note of the terms and conditions of the Jumia wheel of fortune, which are as follows.

  • Open the Jumia mobile app and locate Wheel of fortune, spin it and see if you are lucky.
  • Take a screenshot of the item the wheel of fortune stops on, you need to start learning how to take a screenshot on your phone before the promo if you don’t know-how.
  • Post the screen on Facebook with the hashtag #SpinandWindate Eg: SpinandWin17 etc.

Remember, you can’t participate in the Jumia wheel of fortune using your Laptop computers, but any other gadgets running Android OS/Apple iOS are good to go.

Treasure Haunt 99% Off Offer only on Jumia black Friday

Jumia treasure hunt

Do you know that you can buy an Apple iPhone 13 at the rate of N6,850 during Jumia Black Friday promo? Yes, you can, and you will if you are lucky, but that’s not all. You can enjoy 1 Year Jumia prime Subscription and an N200,000 shopping vouch.

You must be having some doubt in you right now because an Apple iPhone 13 is selling between N700,000 to 1 million Naira, right? Well, jumia believes that there is no amount of gifts that are too big for you and if you are lucky, you will get it for sure. But wait!

How does Jumia Treasure Hunt work during Jumia black Friday?

To participate in Jumia Treasure Hunt, you must be ready to stay awake at midnight or early morning when others are sleeping to search for the treasure Jumia has hidden in some selected item categories on their website.

For example, an iPhone 13 may be buried under the Jumia website’s men’s clothes category, and you should be able to discover it. Jumia, on the other hand, constantly offers you a hint as to how and where to look for the hidden treasure.

To participate, you must have Jumia mobile app installed on your phone, then navigate to a Treasure hunt to check the time the search will start and where to search for the treasure during Jumia Black Friday. Below are the terms and conditions.

  • Treasure Hunt offers you 99% off on some selected items and a customer can only win one item.
  • The items for the day are hidden in the category indicated. Click or tap the item to search for it in that category.
  • Don’t miss the date & time as shown on the calendar.
  • This offer is only available for Android and Apple iOS devices.
  • Once you find it order it fast. it’s prepared only
  • If you finally find the item and its out of stock someone else has already it
  • A customer can only buy one treasure hunt during the promo.
  • The winner will need to be physically present at the Jumia Corporate office to pick up the item.
  • The winner agrees that his/her pictures can be used by Jumia for promotional purposes.
  • Eligible must verify identity online with an account on Facebook or Instagram.
  • The winner convoy be a previous treasure hunt winner
  • All staff families, staff partners, and agents are not eligible for the Treasure Hunt promo

Jumia Black Friday Flash Sales

Jumia Flash Sales

Jumia Black Friday flash sales are what you should monitor so closely if you want to enjoy amazing discounts on limited and valuable items on Jumia.

As the name implies, the flash sale means that the items available on flash sales are limited in quantity and will only be available within the shortest time. However, the best thing to do is to get Jumia mobile app installed if you don’t already have it. Open the app and have your eyes on those attractive flash sale offers and pinpoint the date, time, and have some money ready in your account.

There are no special terms and conditions for Jumia’s flash sales. All you need is to download and install Jumia mobile app, register and log in, then have some money in your account with working Credit or Debit card, and you are ready for Jumia Black Friday 2021

Jumia Black Friday 2021 how to shop conveniently

During Jumia Black Friday promo, you can enjoy the best discount on every item available on the online shopping mall, and you don’t have to wait for Fash sales to enjoy the best deals on Jumia products and services.

The best you can do is make out time and search for the items you need on the jumia website, monitor it, and wait for a price change. However, you can also look for those items with a Black Friday deal because not every item on Jumia will be offered at discounted prices.

How do you know whether a product is of good quality or not on the Jumia website?

This is the biggest problem everyone faces when shopping online since you cannot touch the product you are buying to see the quality, but there are a few things you can do to check the quality of an item on Jumia.

Jumia cares for you: In as much as many vendors are selling their products on Jumia, they have set quality standards to ensure that you get want you to want at a fair price.

To achieve that, they have given their customers an option to rate the vendor’s quality products level, which helps you to know whether to buy from that particular vendor or not.

Users rating and reviews: The best way to know whether the product you wish to buy is good or not is to go through users’ ratings and reviews of the same item, compare the negative and positive reviews on jumia and decide.

But what if the item doesn’t have any ratings and reviews? Yes, that’s true, some items on Jumia don’t have any rating yet because no one has bought and used the item but you can go ahead and be the first to check it out, and even if you don’t like it, there is a way out.

Jumia 7-15 Days free return and refunds: Another reason why you should not be afraid to shop on Jumia black Friday is because you are fully protected. When you buy an item and it doesn’t look or match with the seller’s product descriptions then you have every right to return it without paying anything and all your money will be refunded in full.

An item with Jumia Express logo: Any item you saw on Jumia with the Express logo means that such item is being controlled, sold, and shipped from the Jumia warehouse. If you want faster shipments then consider buying items with the Jumia Express logo on them.

Subscribe to Jumia Prime Plus+: Subscribing to Jumia Prime Plus+ is the best way to enjoy an amazing discounts and free delivery, if you are concerned about the amount you spent on shipping then worry no more and subscribe to Jumia Prime Plus+

Jumia Prime Plus+ Terms and condition

  1. Jumia Prime lifetime membership incorporates ten annual subscriptions only.
  2. Jumia Prime lifetime membership is awarded exceptionally (it cannot be purchased).
  3. Jumia may, at any time and entirely in its discretion, revoke Jumia Prime lifetime membership, subject to compensation of the subscription value (based on prices at the time of revocation) for the remaining duration of the ten year membership term.
  4. All Jumia Prime Terms and Conditions (including exclusion of professional use) shall apply to lifetime members. In the event of a lifetime member’s violation of these Jumia Prime Terms and Conditions or any applicable laws, Jumia shall revoke membership without any compensation.
  5. More discounts, rewards and savings!
  6. Jumia Prime is a customer loyalty program that entitles users to subscribe and receive unlimited free delivery on all Jumia orders, as well as access to exclusive promotions, rewards and partner benefits.
  7. Jumia Prime is available in selected cities and can be purchased via selected prepayment methods
  8. Jumia Prime Members enjoy the following benefits:
    – Free Delivery on all Jumia orders (excluding bulky items and international shipping)
    – Free Delivery on Jumia Food Orders
    – Exclusive Prime-only discounts on favorite categories
    – Preferential Customer Service
  9. Jumia Prime is designed with the frequent shopper in mind. It is not available for professional usage including corporate accounts or J-Force agents. Prime Members placing more than 20 orders for Jumia mall and 40 orders for Jumia Food per month will be deemed as professional users
  10. Renewal is not automatic, but can be re-purchased following the expiry of the original Membership plan
  11. Jumia Prime free delivery applies specifically to non-bulky items. It does not include items shipped from overseas with the Jumia Global tag.


The info I shared with you is helpful and will guide you during Jumia Black Friday Promo, but if you are still having any problems or are still confused about anything, I will be glad to see your comment below.

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