How to fix Chromebook “Error setting the network” problem

Your Chromebook may occasionally display the weird error message “There was a problem establishing your network,” informing you that the WiFi connection was unsuccessful. This issue becomes much more critical if it arises just before an actual online test. There’s no need to panic. We’ve got a list of troubleshooting options you may try to resolve this issue.

What should I do if my Chromebook keeps giving me a “Network Configuring Error” message?

fix Chromebook "Error setting the network" problem

Make sure you have the correct password.

Check to see that you’re using the correct WiFi network password before you attempt to join. It’s also possible that an incorrect password is to blame for this particular network problem. Using a text editor, type in your WiFi password to ensure it’s error-free.

Turn on file and printer sharing on your network.

After allowing network sharing, many ChromeOS users were able to remedy the problem. Enable the “Allow other users to use this connection” option when adding the network.

See if your Chromebook can store the network and then connect to the Internet once performed this step. Remove any faulty connections and then re-add them if necessary.

Restart your computer and turn off your wireless router if necessary.

Restart your Chromebook and disconnect your router if the issue remains. For two minutes, disconnect the network to eliminate the flea breeding ground. Restarting your network devices should resolve the issue if it is a short-term network issue.

In addition, you might want to experiment with a different WiFi channel. If the present channel is unstable, it’s unlikely the connection will work. Disconnect all other devices from the network. Turn off your VPN and see if it makes a difference.

To connect to the Internet, plug in an Ethernet USB adapter.

There is no Ethernet port on the majority of Chromebooks. Use a connected connection to the Internet instead of a wireless one to get around this restriction. When it comes to issues that impact wireless networks, you won’t see them on wired connections.

Disconnect from the current network and try again

If the issue remains, switch to a different internet connection and see if that helps. You may use your Android or iOS phone, for example, to create a mobile hotspot. Additionally, a Windows 10 PC may serve as a mobile hotspot for your family and friends. If your wireless connection is the problem, switching to a new wireless network should fix the issue.

Activate the guest mode on your computer.

How to fix Chromebook "Error setting the network" problem

How to fix Chromebook “Error setting the network” problem

Reconnect to your wireless network after logging in as a guest user. Select Browse as Guest at the bottom of the screen instead of logging in with your user profile to access the site as a guest. This short-term fix worked for a large number of people.

Your IT administrator can provide additional assistance if the issue persists when using a Chromebook administered by an enterprise.

You must provide the correct WiFi password if your Chromebook indicates a problem establishing the network connection. Restart your laptop, turn on network sharing, and unplug your router.

If the issue persists, try connecting to the Internet using a wired Ethernet adapter. Alternatively, you can utilize guest mode while connected to a separate network. Have you found a solution to the issue? Tell us in the comments what you think.


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