Airtel 4G & 3G data plans and codes (2021)

Airtel is among the best Nigerian mobile telecommunication offering special 4G and 3GB data plans for their subscribers. Sincerely Airtel offers the most competitive data plans in Nigeria though, not the cheapest.

If you care much about data speed and occasional promos on data subscription packages then go for Airtel. However, it all depends on your location but Airtel has widest network coverage in Nigeria.

Airtel 4G, 3G data plan and subscription codes

Airtel has different data packages to choose from starting from daily, weekly and monthly data plan plus mega plan for heavy data users.

Hey, this post is going to be long but if you have the time then read till the end you will surely learn a lot. In other words, I am going to list all Airtel data plans and subscription codes at the end of the post.

Whether you are looking for Airtel data plan, Social Plan or Download pack at N350 for 1GB. You will find everything you need to know about Airtel data offers below.

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Why Airtel data plans

Honestly, Airtel is not the cheapest internet data provider in Nigeria but when it comes to quality, I mean speed and stability you can count on them.

Airtel gives you more choice in terms of data plans and price, whether you want daily, weekly or monthly data plan. You are fully covered on Airtel network

Best for Heavy data users

Are you a heavy data user and needs a special data package that will be suitable and sustainable for you?

You don’t have any problem, Airtel has interesting data package called Mega plans designed to meet the demand of people like you.

Special offers and Promos

If you are the type that daily, weekly and monthly Awuf. I mean those who enjoy paying for one to get two, then stick to Airtel network.

However, Airtel is one of the mobile telecommunication in Nigeria that doesn’t joke with the customers. To keep you to their network they are willing to reward you with extra data and free airtime regularly.

Special data plan and promo for 4G phone users

The recent introduction of Fourth Generation Network (4G LTE) has changed the way we surf the web, download and stream videos online.

We started with GPRS/EDGE network, then Third Generation Network (3G) and now 4G expecting to move to 5G soon. Airtel wants you to enjoy the best data connectivity speed as the recently introduced special data plans only for 4G phone users.

Presently, Airtel is offering free 4GB data for anyone who has 4G enable phone and joins their network.

How to get free 4GB data (Only for those with 4G phones)

If you just bought a new 4G smartphone or just want to join Airtel network with your old 4G phone then you are eligible to enjoy free 4GB data but the question is how?

To cut the long story short, you simply need to get a 4G enabled smartphone and Airtel 4G SIM Card. Once you activate the sim you will be able to receive free 4GB Data Instantly. It doesn’t stop here, you will as well get 25% data bonus every time you activate a data plan of N500 and above for 3 months. However, the free 4GB Data and 25% Bonus can only be used on 4G Network.

Complete Airtel 4G & 3G data plans and codes (2019)

Here comes the table that contains the current Airtel full data packages, Prices, and subscription codes.

This table contains:

  1. Airtel 1 day data plans
  2. 3 days plan
  3. Airtel 7 days (Weekly) data plan
  4. 14 Days plan
  5. Airtel 30 days (Monthly) data plans
  6. 30 Days mega data plans
  7. Airtel Download Pack 1G at N350
  8. Airtel Social Plans
  9. Instagram Bundles powered by Airtel
Price Data Value Validity Subscription Code
N50 20MP 1 DAY *141*50#
N100 75MB 1 DAY *141*100#
N200 200MB 3 DAYS *141*200#
N300 350MB 7 DAYS *141*300#
N500 750MB 14 DAYS *141*500#
N1,000 1.5GB 30 DAYS *141*1000#
N1,500 2.5GB + 1GB Night 30 DAYS *141*1500#
N2,000 3.5GB 30 DAYS *141*2000#
N2,500 4.5GB + 1GB Night 30 DAYS *141*2500#
N3,000 5.5GB + 1GB Night 30 DAYS *141*3000#
N4,000 7.5GB + 2GB Night 30 DAYS *141*4000#
N5,000 10GB + 2GB Night 30 DAYS *141*5000#
N10,000 25GB 30 DAYS *141*10000#
N15,000 40GB 30 DAYS *141*15000#
N20,000 60GB 30 DAYS *141*20000#
Airtel Download Pack N350 1GB 1 DAY *141*354#
Airtel Social Plan N25 Whatsapp Only 10MP 1 DAY *948*4#
Social Plan N50 Whatsapp, Facebook & Twitter 40MB 1 DAY *991*4#
Social Plan N100 Whatsapp, Facebook & Twitter 80MB 5 DAYS *688*3#
Social Plan N300 Whatsapp, Facebook & Twitter 600MB 25 DAYS *688*1#
Instagram Bundles N100 Instagram Only 250MB 1 DAY *141*105#
Instagram Bundles N200 Instagram Only 1GB 1 DAY *141*205#

You can always find out more about Airtel data plans by dialing *141# and remember that  Night Data is only usable starting from 1 AM – 7 AM Daily. Don’t hesitate to ask questions if you have any, I am here to help


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