How Good is TCL 55 Smart TV @ 164K

I came across the cheapest TCL 55 inches Smart Tv selling at the rate of 164,990 on Jumia while other brands in the same category goes above 200k.


Front screen main menu

With no doubt, this is the best value for money for a 55 inches smart TV to go that cheap but the main question here, how good is TCL 55 inch smart TV and the reason behind the price slash.

However, if you like it big Tv’s then you must consider buying this tv because you can’t find any 55 inches smart TV for this price.

Note: This is not just an LED Tv but a smart Tv that allows you to browse through your Tv, watch Youtube, Netflix and many other things without an external streaming device.

TCL Tv price in Nigeria (Jumia price)


There are some device that can help you turn your normal LED plasma TV to a smart tv but with TCL 55 inch smart TV you just need a data connection and you are good to go.

How Good is TCL 55 Smart TV

The price is tempting for sure but it’s wise to be sure you are not wasting your money but the best way to find out if this product will give you what you want is to check users review and rating.

TCL 55" Smart TV  Review and users rating

Presently, this Smart Tv has 4.1 over 5 average rating from more than 20 users, some a very happy while some expected more but the most attractive part is the price.

In my own view, this will be a good choice for those who can afford it, though it might not be the best out there and they must compromise certain features and quality to enable them to bring the price low to this level.

The 55-inch smart tv is slim and can change the look of your home while giving you access to enjoy unlimited entertainment.

TCL 55 inch smart TV brings the viewer of beautiful, crisp images up to Full HD resolution, combined with second-generation ASTN image processing technology to display true image, color bright color. You will be admired in a space of entertaining images honest, lively to the surprise.

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key Features

  • Display: 55-Inch Full HD
  • Ports: HDMI x 3; USB x 2
  • Sports Mode, Dolby
  • 10mm UltraSlim
  • Bluetooth, Smart

Price: 164,990 You find out more here

This offer will be best if you have a big living room that needs a big Tv



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