How can I change my Phone Language?

Have you just got a brand new Android phone or mistakenly changed your phone language and wish to change back to English, Chinese, Japanese, French, and Spanish etc.

Android phones are designed to support multiple languages and different countries. Sometimes when you buy a new phone the language might not be in your preferred Language and what you need to do is to change it but the question is how?.

How To change your phone language

How to change phone language

I have been in a situation were I mistakenly set my phone to another language that I don’t even understand or know how to change back. However, you can easily change the language back if you are familiar with your phone settings but what if you are not.


Let say you don’t understand the language and can’t change I back since you don’t understand the settings any longer. You simply need to get another Android phone from your friend or family members preferably the one with the same version of Android OS.

Use the one you understand to set the one you don’t understand by following these steps. This method will guide you on how to change your phone language even if you don’t understand the settings again.

  • Goto the menu of the two phones you can use the one in a preferred language to understand the one you wish to change.
  • From the main menu, you will see Language & input¬†and from there you will see Language option.
  • Select Language and you will be taking at another menu where you will see English, Chinese, Japanese, French, and Spanish and lots of them.
  • select the one you understand and you are done.

Note: Some phones will show 2 means when you go to settings, Example: General or All, select All to see Language & Input

If you still understand Android Icons or still know how to navigate around on your phone then you don’t need another Android phone to set the language. simply navigate to.

Main menu – Settings – Language & Input – Languages

Hope you can now change your phone language without any problem, in case you still need my help then don’t hesitate to comment below.

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