Whatsapp is now the most popular mobile social App that let you socialize and connect with friends and families, it also lets you make free internet calls to many countries in the world and allows you share photos, videos etc.

I regard Whatsapp as the most popular mobile social App but not anymore because you can now connect and use Whatsapp on your Laptop, Tablet, and desktop but the question is how?

WhatsApp for computer, Laptop, Tablet

If you are not sure how to use Whatsapp on your Laptop, Tablet or desktop then am here to show you how to get it done in no time because some of my friends have asked me some questions which include.

  • How to use Whatsapp on my Laptop
  • How to connect Whatsapp to a laptop without a phone
  • How to connect Whatsapp to pc from android phone
  • I need Whatsapp for pc
  • How to make Whatsapp call from laptop

I will try to answer all the questions you might have on how to connect and use Whatsapp on Computers, though it’s no longer a news because the method I will be sharing with you might have been existing for years but I will refresh your memory and guide you in a way you will surely understand.

How to use Whatsapp on my Laptop

Connecting and using Whatsapp on your Laptop or Desktop is as simple as anything you can think of but there are two good methods you can try right now.

  • Whatsapp Web

The simplest method I have ever seen is connecting and using Whatsapp on Laptop by simply visiting Whatsapp web address https://web.whatsapp.com

You will see something like this (Image below)

Whatsapp for computers and how to connnect your laptop with whatsapp

If you look at the right side you will see a QR code that needs to be scanned in other to gain access and use Whatsapp on your Computer.

Once you see a window just like this image above then you will need to pick up the phone you used to connect Whatsapp with, open your Whatsapp, goto Whatsapp menu or settings, look for WhatsApp Web, select it once you locate and select it your phone camera will automatically on itself.

Now use your camera to target the QR code as if you want to take a shot, hold it steady and your camera will scan and capture the code and you will be logged in.

The QR code must be scanned to authenticate and identify your account since phone numbers are the key factors that WhatsApp uses to identify and connect with others.

  • Download WhatsApp for Mac or Windows PC

If you need more features and control then you can download WhatsApp Software designed for Apple Mac and Microsoft Windows computers.

You can download it here

WhatsApp for laptos and desktop computers

Download and install it on your computer and then open it and start the fun but