5 Things you must consider before buying a smartphone

There are countless smartphones being released on a daily basis around the globe and sometimes you find it hard deciding on which of the smartphones to go for but the simple fact is that we all have unique reasons and considerations when deciding on the type of the smartphone we are going for.

5 featurs you must consider before buying a smartphone

The features and design you value and needs in a smartphone might not be the same thing that I need but the question remains what are the things you consider before buying a smartphone and I guess you have the answer within you which you can easily share with us using the comment box below but for the main time I will explain some important things you need to consider before buying a smartphone.

Design & Display

Some people can go ahead and grab a well-designed smartphone without minding other features because the phone looks attractive or probably because the phone has a big screen display though, the design and display size of a phone has nothing to do with its performance but there is nothing wrong going for a smartphone that looks great and pleasing to the eyes.

Software & Hardware

When it comes to software and hardware then I refer to the operating system, processor, chipset, internal storage memory, random access memory etc.

Many will be pleased to use any smartphone with the latest Android operating system while we must not deny the work of the random access memory (RAM) that gives a smartphone the power and needed space to complete its task with ease.

If you are the type who love to play HD games and run multiple tasks at the same time then you will need a smartphone with at least 3GB - 4GB Ram, on the other hand, you might as well consider the Read-only memory (ROM) popularly known as internal storage memory which the average size should be between 3GB- 64GB.

Camera Quality

These days people care more about the camera quality of a smartphone than other features because one of my friends bought a smartphone that offers almost every other features but lacks a bit in camera quality but he ditched it and bought a lesser quality smartphone with an optimized camera which clearly shows that many smartphone users can be tripped to buy a smartphone just because of the camera quality.

Battery Capacity

For me, the battery is one of the first things I consider very important before buying a smartphone especially in Nigeria where we have inconsistant power supply and there is no way to enjoy your phone when the battery doesn't last as it should, any smartphone with less then 3000 mAh is not for people like me.

General Performance

It would be better to know how great a smartphone performance before buying it but unfortunately, it will be hard to know how a phone you don't own can perform but the best way is to consider the brand, if you have used Tecno, Infinix, Samsung, iPhones Nokia, then you will have an idea of how such brands used to perform.

To determine the performance even when you haven't used the phone you must consider the onboard RAM, Processors make, versions and its clocked speed etc.

If you have some other things you like most in a smartphone then fee free to share with us.

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