Leagoo Launched their official Online Mobile store

Recently the Chinese Smartphone makers popularly known as Leagoo has officially launched their online shopping mall that allows their loyal fans and users to easily find and buy any of their favorite Leagoo smartphones directly from their official website worldwide.

Their aim is to make Leagoo smartphones available and affordable to their users across the globe and if you have been looking for a way to buy one of the Leagoo smartphones then the opportunity have come to grab one irrespective of your location

Presently Leagoo has released lots of great and affordable smartphones which I have reviewed on this blog, the like of Leagoo S9, S8, Power 5,  T5C and many of them, you can see the list of Leagoo smartphones that I have reviewed here

Why shop from Leagoo official website

The main benefit is that you can buy Leagoo smartphones from anywhere worldwide and at an affordable price with various shipping companies to choose from.

Presently Leagoo accept the most widely online payment processor Paypal as the means of payment on their official website but unfortunately, I don’t see any option for a credit card payment but am sure they will add the option sooner or later

leagoo online shopping countriesLeaggo smartphone shipping

Leagoo mobile have already partnered with the best african online shoping mall Jumia and if you are in Nigeria you might not worry yourself shopping directly from Leagoo official website instead shop from Jumia Leagoo smartphones shop because you will pay between $70 – $150 shipping fee outside the original price of the phone.

How to shop from Leagoo online mobile shop

Before I decide to write about this I went for a tour to know how shopping Leagoo phones from their official website look like and am not only writing to inform you about the launch of the new Leagoo official shopping mall but as well ready to explain how it works.

If you wish to buy any of the Leagoo smartphones from their official website all you need to do is to visit their official website and register for an account., then navigate to smartphone menu to see the list of available smartphones and their current prices

Once you discover a good phone you wish to pay then select buy now and you will be taking to another page where you need to select your desired colors, quantity and memory version

Leagoo online shopping


After selecting your desired color, quantity or memory then select buying now in red color below the phone to proceed to Checkout or add to cart if you are planning to buy later, in the same page you will need to add your shipping address where you want your smartphone to be shipped to and then proceed to checkout to complete your order using PayPal.

Leagoo paypal payment

Once you complete your order with PayPal you will wait for few days or weeks for your product to arrive and that is how it works but if there are any Leagoo smartphone dealers in your country then consider buying from them because the shipping cost is not something everyone can afford to pay.

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