How to Watch 2018 World Cup on your Mobile Phone

The long-awaited 2018 World Cup in Russia is only a few days away and you need to get ready to watch all the action live on the Go with the help of your phone.

I personally wouldn’t like to miss any single match because I don’t joke with the senior world cup, full of fun and entertainment but I have a good plan on how to watch all the 64 matches in 2018 World Cup but am not greedy to hold it on to myself but will share with you.

2018 World Cup in Startime Apps

If you ask me, there is no big deal watching 2018 senior world cup at home but what about when you are too busy to stay at home just to watch a football match but with a mobile  phone, you can enjoy all the actions conveniently just the way you normally answer your calls anywhere, anytime and whenever you wish.

Why should i bother using a phone to watch the 2018 World Cup

You stand to gain a lot but if you doubt me then i will surely explain it to you the way you will understand below.

  • It;s more convenient 

You will conveniently enjoy all the action using you mobile phone anywhere and anytime you feel like with the power to decide whether to watch all the action in Kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, lie down or stand up while watching the games unlike a TV set that requires you to face its position to be able to watch it.

Don’t forget the epileptic power supply in Nigeria that will force you to buy fuels and diesel to watch the matches but all you need is to charge your phone and get ready for the games.

  • Almost free to watch

Yes you can watch some matches completely free while you are required to pay less than N1,000 to be able to watch all the 64 World Cup matches on your phone but the question is how, don’t worry keep reading.

How can i watch all the 2018 World Cup matches on My Phone

Am sure you might be asking this question but to cut the long story short i will tell you how you can easily watch 2018 senior world cup live on your mobile phone with ease.

Watching it completely free

Am not sure if you will be able to watch all the matches completely free without subscribing to either Startimes, GoTv,  Metro, CTL and Dstv etc but if you are only interested to watch Nigerian matches then it is possible to watch it free of charge on your phone with the help of local TV stations all you need is a good feature phones with TV functions and i recommend buying Bontel Tv King feature phone between ₦7,000 – ₦10,000

How to watch all the 64 Matches in high definition view

Thanks to GLO Nigeria and Startimes as they partnered together to bring the most convenient and affordable means to watch all the 64 World Cup matches on every smartphones without spending much.

How does it work?

Startimes Glo World Cup 2018

You need an Android or an Apple iPhone to watch the matches but if you don’t have a smartphone you can buy an affordable smartphone from Jumia right now.

If you have a smartphone then download Startimes ApK for Android here or here for iPhone users, install and open the installed application, you will see many subscription plans which you are required to choose any one of you choice and pay then you are ready to watch all the shows.

Startimes plans and prices for mobile phones

Data package options are listed below:



Included Data

Total Package Charges











*Note : Charges start from 14th June 2018.

How can I subscribe to the Live TV streaming service?
You can download & access the application & service via Android PLAY STORE or IOS application store
Also, the application will be hosted on the Glo café portal for customers to download.

How can I check data balance on using my Mobile TV service?
Answer: To check balance by dialing *777#.

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