Jumia Mobile Week Starts on 19TH March

I don’t know if you have heard the news about the upcoming Jumia Mobile Week 2018 which is going to be the biggest mobile week of the year.

What is Jumia Mobile Week?

Jumia Mobile Week

Many of us might not understand what Jumia mobile week is all about but Jumia mobile week is the best time to buy your favorite smartphone from Jumia at a discounted rate plus other great deals.

Similar to Jumia Black Friday, the price of smartphones will be smashed to the lowest price that you can ever imagine and if you are planning to buy a smartphone then the best time will be on Jumia Mobile week if you want to buy more and save more.

According to Jumia, there will be over 200,000+ VOUCHERS TO WIN and EXTRA ₦4,000 Discount and many more offers

Jumia Mobile Week Duration

Jumia 2018 mobile week will last for 7 days between 19th of March to 25th March which means you need to start preparing now ahead of time.

Whats this Promo looks like

hot deal on Jumia mobile week

The above image will explain more about how the mobile week works and how affordable you can get your desired smartphones within the 7 days promo.

What to do if you don’t want to miss this opportunity

I am writing about this promo so that you can start preparing for the biggest 2018 Jumia mobile week and if you don’t want to miss out simple visit Jumia mobile week page and subscribe to their news later that will enable you to get the latest update on their special offers and promos.

If you still don’t like the idea of subscribing to Jumia mailing list then you can do yourself a favor by saving the date of the event on your phone or anywhere you can easily see it and remember.

Finally, the mobile week promo kicks off on 19th of March to 25th of March 2018, best price and fast delivery are guaranteed according to Jumia.

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