Goal Zero Yeti Solar Generators and their Prices

Goal Zero Yeti is a popular name when it comes to solar generators and there are varieties of Yeti solar generators namely, Yeti 1250,   Yeti 400 and lots more.

If you wish to know the price of Goal Zero Yeti solar generators then you are at the right place and at the right time because I will be listing various solar generators models and their prices.

The good news is that all the Goal Zero Yeti solar generators can be found on Amazon online stores right now with free shipping depending on your location and eligibility.

Goal Zero Yeti Solar Generator

This is a portable direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC) power inverter with an inbuilt battery designed to cater for power generating, voltage input and output handling and often comes with specially designed solar panels.

The difference between normal inverters and solar generators is the way they are built, normal inverter needs external batteries to work while solar generators are equipped with everything needed in one box.

What you can do with solar generators

Solar generators can power up some small electrical appliances but what it can power solely depends on the capacity of the solar generator, that is why there are many models of G

To the best of my knowledge, solar generators can give your home constant light, power your DVD player, Radio low voltage LCD, LED Tv’s and can as well be used to charge your Notebook laptops computers, smartphones, tablets and other related gadgets

Goal Zero Yeti Solar Generators and their Prices.

If you still think that this product can be of good help to you then here is the list of popular G

  • Goal Zero Yeti 400

solar generator

This is a Lithium Portable Power Station, 428Wh Rechargeable Generator and Backup Power Source with 300 Watt (1200 Watt Surge) AC inverter, USB, 12V Outputs and can power up to 7 devices at once (39,600mAh at 10.8V/119,000 at 3.6V)


Between $500 -$650

  • Goal Zero Yeti 1000

1000 goal zero yeti

This another powerful Lithium Portable Power Station, 1045Wh Silent Gas Free Generator Alternative with 1500W (3000W Surge) Inverter, 12V and USB Outputs, capable to power many electrical appliances.


Between $1,000 – $1300

  • Goal Zero Yeti 1250

Goal zero yeti 1250

Goal Zero Yeti 1250 is a portable power station, 1200watts chainable home battery backup generator alternative with 12V, AC, USB and Anderson Power Pole Outputs, giving you the option to enjoy alternative power supply even when other means failed.


Between $1599 – $1999

  • Goal Zero Yeti 3000

Goal zero yeti 3000

Goal Zero Yeti 3000 is Lithium Portable Power Station, 3024Wh/280Ah Silent Gas Free Generator Alternative with 1500 Watt (3000 Watt Surge) AC Inverter, USB, 12V Outputs.

Zero yeti 3000 capacity

Yeti 3000 is designed for those who want to power heavy electrical appliances as it has the capacity to power some refrigerators and TVs and lots more.


Between $2999 – $3299

There many solar generators and solar panels available on Amazon if you really want to buy any of the listed products and more.

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