Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Energy

Solar Energy is presently the best renewable energy used by many individuals, organizations, churches, hospitals banks and so on but today we are going to look at the advantages and disadvantages of solar energy which will help you understand more about the solar system.

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There are few reasons why you might be interested to know the advantages and disadvantage of solar energy but I guess you need to know more about solar power before deciding whether to install or not but you will surely find answers to your question before going out of this page.

advantages of solar energy

Advantages of solar energy 

Without wasting much of your time I will like to list major advantages of solar energy power system and why they are important to have in every home and offices.

  1. Can give constant electricity
  2. No noise while working
  3. Doesn’t  produce carbon monoxide
  4. Less stressful
  5. Expensive to install but easy to maintain
  6. No fuel or gas needed

The list above is the major 6 advantages of solar energy but to help you understand it more I will explain each of them.

  • Can give constant electricity

The main reason why people installs a solar system is to have an alternative and constant electricity to avoid any form of interruption or disruption in any way and yes solar energy does that.

  • No noise while working

Let not forget that solar energy is not the only alternative power solution because you can use gasoline generators as an alternative power solution but the problem with generators is the unpleasant noise, constant fueling and dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning.

  • Doesn’t  produce carbon monoxide

In many countries, hundreds and thousands died of carbon monoxide poisoning caused by gasoline, kerosene, and other gas-powered generators, though generators are not harmful when properly used but when used incorrectly, can cause carbon monoxide poisoning but with solar energy, you are safe from such poison.

  • Less stressful

A solar system is less stressful unlike other alternative power solutions, you don’t need to be visiting gas stations to buy fuel or experience any constant repairs.

  • Expensive to install but easy to maintain

Solar energy might not be cheap when compared to generators but if you can afford to install a standard solar system then you will surely have peace of mind because it will take lots of time before carrying any maintains on your solar system.

  • No fuel or gas needed

One of the best advantages of solar energy is that you don’t need anything like fuel, gas kerosine to make it work as it draws energy from the sun, the only price you need to pay is to pay for the materials needed and the installation fee.

Disadvantages of solar energy

We are done with the advantages of solar energy and it will be wise to take a look at the possible disadvantages of solar energy.

To be sincere I don’t see much disadvantages of solar power system but am sure that anything that has an advantage definitely has a disadvantage and there are two major disadvantages of solar energy namely.

  1. Seasonal and weather problems
  2. Expensive to buy and install

I don’t think there is any other major disadvantage of solar energy apart from the one’s I mentioned above, before ending this post I will like to explain the 2 disadvantages of solar energy.

  • Seasonal and weather problems

Since solar energy is an energy generated from sunlight and heat, we all know that sun does not shine every time and there is a raining season too which might be a problem since solar energy only works with sunlight.

  • Expensive to buy and install

As the popular saying, nothing good comes easy, buying and installing solar energy might not be cheap if you need a standard solar system that can power reasonable electrical appliances.

Finally am sure you have seen the advantages and disadvantages of solar energy but if you still have more question to ask feel free to ask, i will be read to answer you.

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