3 Ways to extend your smartphone Battery life

Battery plays major roles when it comes to smartphones because it supplies power to the smartphone to keep it on and ready for work and fun.

No matter how good a smartphone is without a good strong and long-lasting battery then nothing is complete because it's when your phone is powered on that you can use it.

I want to teach you how you can help your battery last longer than usual because sometimes how you use your smartphone determines how it can last and many will be shouting that this phone doesn't last while they are contributing in many ways but after reading this article you will surely learn few things you can do to help your phone battery last longer.

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3 Ways to extend your smartphone Battery life and usage

Without wasting much of your time, I will like to show you 3 ways to extend your smartphone Battery life and usage.

1. Reduce your screen brightness

Your smartphone screen always looks great and brighter but keeping it brighter all the time drains your smartphone faster than you think.


When indoor reduce your smartphone screen brightness to lowest or zero and when going out set it to automatic and your smartphone will automatically adjust when necessary but using automatic setting indoor doesn't do the work properly.

2.  Avoid overcharging your Smartphone.

I understand how convenient it might be plugging your phone to charge while sleeping with the hope of using when you weak up but let me remind you that whenever your battery is full and you fail to unplug it then your might weakening the battery cells


It will be better to unplug your phone once the battery reaches 100% of charge to keep it strong which means you should always be checking on your phone once it's plugged to charge to avoid overcharging.

3. Don't use or keep your phone in an unfriendly temperature

Yes, exposing your phone battery to unfriendly temperature and heat might prevent it from performing the way it should though this uncommon as you are expected to either put your smartphone in your pocket or in your palm.


Certainly, you are aware that exposing your phone to heat is not good and should be avoided at all cost if you want your battery to keep working as it should.

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