Bontel R10 Review, Specs and Price

Bontel is on it again releasing yet another great smartphone Bontel R10 with amazing features and functionalities.

Bontel has been doing a great job recently by releasing most of the affordable smartphones such as Bontel E10, Bontel E11 and recently Bontel A10 , now they came up with something different and more powerful featuring an amazing 6000mAh battery capacity, 1GB Ram, 8GB internal storage memory, 13MP + 8MB back and front camera, Android 7 operating system and lots more.

Bontel R10


Bontel R10 Review

I will like to tell you a few things you might be interested to know about this smartphone before buying it but yes this smartphone is really a good and affordable smartphone.


Bontel R10 smartphone has a 5.5-inch display screen size with 158*78.3*10.6MM dimension and 1280*720 resolution which shows that Bontel R10 has a big screen size and should be perfect if you like a smartphone with a big screen and at the same time pocket-friendly.

Operating System

This smartphone enables you to enjoy more and explore as it comes with one of the most recent Android operating system (Android 7.0 OS) which makes it an interesting smartphone.


Bontel R10 comes with 1GB Ram and 8GB built-in storage memory and can be extended up to 32GB using an SD Card, though I was not impressed with the 1GB Ram. when you look at other features you will still see a reason to grab this phone.


This smartphone is equipped with a 13MP main back camera and 8MB front high-quality camera with flashlight both front and back which should be able to produce high-quality images and videos as expected.


Bontel R10 comes with a good battery which has been the most selling point for this smartphone as it comes with strong 6000mAh battery capacity which will surely last for many days without interruption depending on how you use it.

Even Bontel E10 and Bontel E11 all came with 4000mAh battery capacity but Bontel R10 is topping them with +2000mAh and a total of 6000mAh battery capacity.

Price of Bontel R10 and where you can buy one

You can grab this wonderful smartphone from Jumia among other great smartphones, Bontel R10 only cost ₦24,500 in Nigeria

from Jumia

Bontel R10 Key features and Specs

  1. Name: Bontel R10
  2. Model: R10
  3. Operating System: Android 7.0
  4. CPU: Quad-Core Processor
  5. Dimension: 158*78.3*10.6MM
  6. Display: 5.5inch touchscreen
  7. Resolution: 1280*720
  8. Camera: Back13 megapixels+Front 8megapixels
  9. Memory: 1G+8G
  10. Color: Black/gold
  11. Battery Capacity: 6000mA Battery

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32 Responses

  1. Alex says:

    Is the battery of bontel R10 removable?

  2. Mayor says:

    is the phone truly a good phone to go for?
    and what the Camera

    • everest says:

      Bro thanks for coming around, according to your question I believe that the Bontel R10 is a good phone considering the price and the big 6000 mAh battery that will surely last well for you.

      It comes with a 13MP main back camera and 8MB front high-quality camera with flashlight both front and back, I recommend you go for it if you like it

      • Tony says:

        What about the voice quality? Is it very clear?

        • everest says:

          To be sincere I have not used Bontel R10 myself but according to the reviews I saw on jumia by those who bought it I never see anyone complaining about voice quality so I believe the phone is okay

  3. samuel says:

    Does all smart phones Dealer sell the phone brand. Because i have not the phone before, i will like to buy one

    • everest says:

      No, you cannot find Bontel smartphones in all smartphone shops but in some of the shops, the best option is to order it online from Jumia, you don’t need to fear about anything you will get it delivered to your location

  4. Felix Anthony says:

    Pls someone should tell me if bontel r10 have Google play store bcus I want to buy it

  5. Goody says:

    Is the bontel R10 battery inbuilt or removable ? I just got one and the battery is removable.
    When I connected it to my system, I see BLU DIAMOND M. What could this mean


    pls can u upgrade the andriod version

  7. Akuchinyerem Okonkwo says:

    Hey, i just got a bontel R10 phone from jumia and it has sound issues when receiving calls. The sound is usually faint, but if i plug in earpiece, the sound comes out clear. How can i fix this because it is not enjoyable answering calls like this.

  8. Barizaa zegere says:

    My bontel r1p my l can’t received calls without earpiece & the broken touchscreen I can’t find it even in bontel Port Harcourt shop, but their advice is only exchange with #8000 for another model that the price is #14500 just within six months I bought.

  9. Oruking says:

    Is it possible to repair any faulty bontel r10? Because I am seeing that as a challenged

    • Collins says:

      Why not any qualified smartphone technician can repair Bontel R10 unless you are talking about screen replacement and other parts which might not be found easily

  10. Val says:

    I see quadcore in other websites but u wrote dual core,also how good is the space and does it charge fast,does it carry heavy games like gta sa

  11. Oloidi Olatunbosun says:

    Good day sir/ma. Can I get the screen of Bontel R10 in the market? I bought Bontel R10 about 2 years ago, but unfortunately the screen got bad and I have not been able to repair it. I will be glad if you can kindly assist me to get the screen. Thanks.

    • Collins says:

      Kindly goto mobile phone plaza’s near you and ask those mobile technicians around to help you with the screen of the phone.

  12. Wale Davies A. says:

    Does bontel r10 support OTG?
    If not, which bontel smartphone supports OTG?

  13. Johnpaul says:

    Pls can I swap a phone for the phone

  14. Paulinus Okon says:

    Please where can I order the bon tel r10 screen?

  15. Maxwell says:

    Plz can where can I get bonte r10 batery

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