Mobile Phone & Computer related Abbreviations and their meanings

This blog is designed to share more about smartphones, computers, tablets and other technology-related gist and guide, now I want to talk more about mobile Phone and Computer related Abbreviations and their full meanings.


First, what are an Abbreviations?

To better understand this topic you must first know what I meant by abbreviation but to cut the long story short abbreviation is a shortened form of a word or phrase.

You know that I usually write about mobile phone and computer features and specifications which are full of abbreviations such as RAM, OS, GB, MB, CPU etc.

Now I want to show you the full meaning of this abbreviation you usually see on the internet or when checking smartphone and computer specifications and features so that you will understand those abbreviations whenever you come across them.

Mobile Phone & Computer related Abbreviations and their meanings

RAM = Random Access Memory

SIM = Simulate (imitation of a situation or process)
OS = Operating System
CPU = Central Processing Unit
GB = gigabyte
MB – megabyte
2G = Second Generation
3G = Third Generation
4G = Fourth Generation
Wi-Fi = wireless fidelity
LTE = Long-Term Evolution (a 4G mobile communications standard)
mAh = Milli-amp Hour
HDMI = High-Definition Multimedia Interface
NFC = Near Field Communication
GPS = Global Positioning System
USB = Universal Serial Bus

RJ-45Registered jack-45
HD – High Definition
LCD = liquid Crystal Display
LED = light Emitting Diode
TFT =  Thin Film Transistor
VGA = Video Graphics Array

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