Advantages and Disadvantages of buying Nigeria

We hardly buy things such as Smartphones and other goods online in Nigeria because we are not used to it but in developed countries like the US they are used to it, buying online is always the best choice for them.

Nigerians don't trust themselves talk more of trusting someone else but few things have changed over the years because many Nigerians have tried and seen the importance of buying things online from trusted online shopping mall and when am talking about online shopping mall am not referring to those free advert listing website.

List of the trusted online shopping mall in Nigeria


The above websites are the best place to buy things online securely without any fear because they control the selling and delivering of the goods by themselves.

There are many trusted online shopping mall in Nigeria but the 3 website above is the one I have personally used and trusted.

The image above is one of the Smartphone I bought from Jumia and it was delivered to my doorsteps to prove that I used to buy online too and I will tell you why you need to buy online too.

Examples of  free advert listing website


This website can be the best place to buy like used smartphones, Tv's, Cars etc but the disadvantage is much that if you are not careful you can be scammed by 419 guys because those website owners don't have any control on selling and buying of goods from their website, their work is to link you to the person who has what you need but whatever happens is entirely your business.

Advantages and Disadvantages of buying Smartphones online in Nigeria

There are many advantages of buying things online in Nigeria and if you have not tried it then you might be missing something.


Here are the advantages of buying goods online

Convenient and Stress-free

Buying things from the nearest shops around you is not bad at all but will not be compared with when you pick up your smartphone or Laptops with a glass of wine by your side and order for whatever you want online just with your ATM card and relax for your goods to arrive at your doorsteps in no time, you don't need to stress yourself going to market or quarreling with someone in the market just stay in your bedroom or anywhere you wish and shop conveniently and smartly.

100% Secure to shop online from a trusted online website like Jumia and Konga

Yes i have already told you that I used to buy things online and I can assure you that everything is 100% secure all you need is to make sure you pick the right product based on the description of the product, register and fill your residential address where your goods can be delivered to and relax to receive your goods.

The good news is that you can equally track your goods through DHL and know where and when it will be arriving at your doorsteps and to prove that I know what am saying below is the screenshot when I was tracking my phone ordered from Jumi.

You can click on the image to enlarge it

An original high-quality product is guaranteed

Buying online prevent you from being cheated by those guys in the market that will convince you to buy fake low quality product but using a smartphone as an example, most of popular brand in Nigeria such as Tecno, Infinix, Innjoo, Gionee, Nokia, Samsung etc is directly linked to Jumia and Konga which means that you are buying original smartphone from the main company and not faked product.


Below are the disadvantages of buying goods online in Nigeria.

Shipment fee 
The main disadvantage of buying things online in Nigeria is the shipment fee because some might not be willing to pay between N1000 - N3000 as shipment fee instead they will prefer to go to the nearest shop and buy it.

Though if you are in Lagos you might not pay for shipping fee when buying from a website like Jumia and Konga but even if you are paying for the shipment it surely worth it at least you will get the original product and not fake.

Delay in Delivery

if you are in Lagos you can order for goods and get it the same day but if you are living outside Lagos you might wait between 1-7 working days and not everyone is not that patient to wait.

Finally, if you have any question or suggestions regarding buying goods online in Nigeria then feel free to comment below.

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