How to Subscrube or Cancel MTN CallerTunez

MTN CallerTunez allows and entertains anyone who calls you to enjoy their favorite musics while waiting for you to pick your call which you will have to pay a service charge of about 50 per month or N20 per Week.

In this article we will discuss more about MTN CallerTunez reloaded and how to cansel the subscription if you no longer need the MTN CallerTunez serivices.

An enhanced and user friendly Caller Tunez is being introduced by
MTN. The new features will provide customers several ways to sample and
subscribe to the service.  The service is compatible to all handset

How It Works

You can buy any CallerTune to make up a library of 10 different
songs. Simply follow any of the steps below to register and buy a

  • Dial *410#  and select your preferred option on the menu.
  • Text APP to 4100 to download the MTN Calletunez App and buy any tune
    of your choice from the App. (App is free but data charges apply for
  • Dial 4100 to listen to samples tunes, browse through the tune and buy from the Top 10 list.
  • Visit the MTN CallerTunez Store via the MTN website:

How to Deactivate or Cancel the MTN CallerTunez
Yes MTN didn’t make this information available but you can stop, deactivate and cancel your MTN CallerTunez by sending cancel to 4100

Eg Send Cancel to 4100 to stop, deactivate and cancel your MTN CallerTunez


You will be charged for CallerTune in the following ways:

  • Service subscription costs N50/month OR N20/week; This gives access to the network default tunes for the month/week.
  • Content download; Any tune of your choice costs N50/month OR N20/week.
  • Calls to 4100 costs N15/minute.

How to Search for CallerTunez Via SMS

Send reg in an SMS to 4100 to register for Caller Tunez service
Send help in an SMS to 4100 to get help information about Caller Tunez
Send NO in an SMS to 4100 to deregister the Caller Tunez service
Send del+tunecode in an SMS to 4100 to delete a tune from the Caller Tunez service for example del702439
Send newtune in an SMS to 4100 to query new tunez from the Caller Tunez service
Send top10 in an SMS to 4100 to query top 10 songs from the Caller Tunez service

Questions and Answers about MTN CallerTune

QUESTION: How much does it cost?

ANSWER:  The customer will pay
N50/month as monthly subscription or access fee or the customer can
download his/her choice of Caller Tunez for N50/tune at any time via
SMS, IVR, USSD, App or Web.

QUESTION: If I don¿t pay my monthly subscription fees what happens to the tunez in my personal library?

ANSWER You will be unsubscribed and your tunez will be kept till the day of the expiry of the caller tunez.

QUESTIONI received a call from a friend and she loved my ring back tone. How does she copy the song?

ANSWER: She can get it in either of the following:
Press 1 and the tunez is copied (in a couple of minutes) into her library and set as her default tune (One Key Copy Function)
Log on to the portal or dial IVR 4100 enter your phone number, view your tunez, select and copy this tune (Copy Function)

QUESTIONHow often can I change the songs in my personal library?

ANSWER As often as you want.
QUESTIONDo I pay for every change of song in my personal library?

ANSWER Yes. Every new tune downloaded, attracts a download fee.

QUESTIONWhat is the maximum number of songs I can have in my personal library?

ANSWER You can have maximum of 10 songs

QUESTIONI want to give a friend a gift from Caller Tunez. How do I send her the song?

ANSWERYou can do the following:
Dial 4100, select (2) enter tune code and your friend¿s number
From portal, select `Tune Present¿ enter recipients number select the tune to present and send
Send `Present+Code¿ and recipient¿s number in a text to 4100

QUESTIONHow do I confirm that my friend received the Caller Tunez gift I got her?

ANSWER You will get an SMS to confirm the success or failure of the Caller Tunez gift.

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