Choice is always a big problem when it comes to the questions which smartphone should I buy and the price of the phone, I can help you make the right choice because I really know more about smartphones and best way to determine the best smartphone is not always about the price of the phone but what the phone can offer.

A smartphone might cost less and still satisfy your needs and desires just the way you wished without spending 100k -300k buying high-end expensive smartphones like those of Samsung galaxy s8 and Apple iPhone 7-8

When I use the word “best” am not trying to tell you about expensive smartphones like the one’s I have listed above but if you think you need expensive smartphones that can match your status or for any other reasons then checkout the list of Expensive smartphone offers from JUMIA Here

But if you are looking for a smartphone under 100k and give you what you want then continue reading because am about to list all the perfect best affordable smartphones you can buy in Nigeria and you will thank me later for letting you know about such phones.