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How to share data on MTN, Glo, Airtel & 9mobile Lenovo Xiaoxin K11 Pad Price & Features (WIFI Edition)
Have you seen or used any detachable 2 in 1  Tablets  PC that can help you work they way you wanted,  some of this 2 in 1 Tablets comes with double operating system (OS) these Tablets devices are not only called 2 in 1 because of the double OS but can as well be used as a simple touch screen Tablets and at the same time as a computer with normal keyboard.Some 2 in 1 Tablets comes with Windows  8 or 10 OS and at the same time with Android OS which means you can enjoy all the features that Microsoft Windows brings and at the same time enjoy all the Android features and access to wide range of apps and games in google’s play store.Why Detachable 2 in 1 Tablets and Laptops I recommend this type of tablets device it helps do your work conveniently and fast just as you can do with other big sized laptops and desktops. Choice of Sizes Tablets have many screen sizes to chose from and if you wanted sometime bigger just like your computer then you can equally go for a touch screen detachable laptops though they are always expensive that is why you can still go for some tablets that you can afford. It’s Detachable When I say detachable it means that this device can be separated or removed from its keyboard and you can carry it around use it even without a keyboard just like you use your smartphones while you are free to connect it back when you need to use its keyboard.Touchscreen You are going to enjoy a touch screen tablets or laptops device just the way you usually enjoys the touch and feels on your smartphone screen but this time a big keyboard will be there to assist you when you fill like, it will really be a fun.Convenient and easy to use I have noticed that no matter how smart  a phone is it can never  do all the work exactly like a computer and tablets especially when it comes to the big screen  and keyboard  that’s let’s you work faster and conveniently,  yes I will admit  that I can work with a smartphone while lying  on my bed or while travelling but if you are the type who write with your computer or tablets all the time you will know that working with a computer or Tablets makes it easier, fast and convenient compared to a smartphone. Typing and navigation is a fun The big screen and keyboard make the difference to me because typing on a smartphone cannot be compared to when you are typing with a Tablets and laptops.Yes, many people might find it easiler using a smartphone to write and chat but the only person who can debate this is those who are not familiar with Computer keyboards but for those of us who have mastered both the phone and computer keywords  will understand the different.Samples of  detachable 2 in 1 Tablets and laptops

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